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Letter from Jean Farrel to Willis Carto (9/2/1983)

Jean Farrel, E.

Mr. Willis A. Carto
Institute for Historical Review
POB 1306
California 90505

Lutry, August 31, 1983

Dear Mr. Carto:

This is actually September 2nd, but I don’t want to waste time correcting the mistake!

I’m simply thrilled with your letter and the information in it. For instance, I’ve always refused to make a trust for fear of losing control of my property and the sharks in the background who would destroy me therefor. If I can make a trust and keep its direction and the income I would need from it, we’re in business. We can do that and, at the end of the year what I haven’t spent on my personal living, I will simply send to you. (Of course, I mean IHR).

[…] I’ll call Mr. Coughlin and tell him I’m going to call him, and we can put this trust right into action I hope at the end of October.


Sincerely yours,

[signed] J.F.E.

[stamped] Jean Farrel, E.
Chemin de la Culturaz, 32
1095 Lutry, Suisse
Fax 021 39 20 87