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Letter from Jean Farrel to Willis Carto (10/17/1983)

Jean Farrel, E.

Mr. Willis A. Carto
Institute for Historical Review
POB 1306
California 90505

October 17, 1983

Dear Mr. Carto:

Last week I went to see Mr. Coughlin. We had a very pleasant interview and I think everything is go for a Liberion Corporation. I am told that the Liberian Corporation is more flexible than a trust, because nothing would change — I’d remain boss of my own affairs. It is also more agile because each time I wanted to switch an investment, I could do it directly without having to go through trustees. It’s also safer, because they’re not there to foul me up. I could always fire them, but that would be after the damage, I’m afraid.

Do you want details of progress? I can send you copies of all our correspondence about it, if you want me to. I don’t know whether to bother you with it or not. They might enable you to make suggestions.

Also, have you a fax there? If so, would you please send me its number?

I’m really thrilled with this idea. I lost alot of money a while ago, and didn’t even care, because what can one do with it, anyway? It just falls into the hands of the enemy. Now I’m going to work to build it up again.

Please don’t hesitate to write (or fax) me all your thoughts and suggestions on this, because I want to do it right for everyone concerned.

Sincerely yours,

[signed] Jean Farrel, E.