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Letter from Willis Carto to Jean Farrel (10/27/1983)

October 27, 1983

Dear Miss Farrel:

I greatly appreciate yours of the 17th together with copies of your letters to Mr. Coughlin and Tim — your accountant, I judge. Is tremendously pleased at what you are doing. You are a very decisive person.

First off, I’m sorry to say I have no telefax nor, at this time, any access to one either here on in Washington.

In regard to your comment about banks, I certainly share your apprehension. Part of this caution comes from my old friend, Dr. Martin A. Larson, who has many stories in his repetorie about efforts banks have made to defraud beneficiaries. And I’ve encountered this elsewhere, too. Banks and lawyers are to be trusted only when you have some clout with them. There are two I have a little clout with — one in Wishington, D.C. and the other in Zurich. And, come to think of it, my brother is on the board of an Ohio bank.

Another approach is to put the bearer shares in the custody of a group of people — call them trustees — you have confidence in. People who share our ideals and are know for honesty. And who couldn’t steal anything because the other trustees are watching. I just set up a nonprofit corporation consisting of twelve good men (and women) and true who will be, in effecy, holding assets for Liberty Lobby to prevent rapacious enemies and Zionist judges from helping themselves to said assets. They can’t be lawfully touched because they have no direct interest in Liberty Lobby, not being employed by it or directors, etc. Yet I have no hesitation in giving them custody of Liberty Lobby’s reserves, none at all. I know they will do what is right. (HOw strange it is to believe such a thing in this day and age.)

In reply to your query, yes, I’d like to be kept advised of your progress. I’ll ask Dr. Larson to review whatever you send me as he is quite knowledgeable in things like this and totally dependable.


And thanks again, most sincerely,

Willis Carto