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Letter from Jean Farrel to Willis Carto (12/27/1983)

Mr. Willis A. Corto, Founder
Institute for Historical Review
POB 13o6
CA 9o5o5


December 27, 1983

Dear Mr. Carto:

Thanyou for yours of 5 XII. I waited to answer because I expected at any minute to have the papers from Mr. Coughlin, but I only received them last Friday the 23rd. Regardless of the delays, I think we have assured one another mutually- me with my intentions and you with your practical help in realizing them, of a very happy new year.

All of my property except personal things which I use for everyday living is now incorporated under the name of NECA Corporation. Also omit a small checking account for personal expenses at Swiss Credit Bank, Rue Lion d’Or, Lausanne. Most of that will be seized by the gvt. when I die, so I will have to keep enough in it to enable my friend Joan to take what she wants from my apartment to wherever she wants it.

There are twenty bearer shares. My plan is to put two or three, which I figure is the number which would protect us from thieves gaining control, in safe deposit boxes in 7 or 8 locations. with instructions to allow access only to the Legion for the Survival of Freedom and only in the case of my proven death.

The places I’ve thought up which look best at the moment are London, Singapore, Brisbane, Hendersonville N. C. There’s a good one in CA, I’ll have to look up its name, and one in Vienna. Surely that assortment will throw the mutts off the trail.

I figure we are doing this for the same reasons, love of homeland and because obedience to God is resistance to tyranny, so we want the best coöperation possible. Maybe you’d like to submit this plan to some wiser head, such as Dr. Larson. All criticism and suggestion solicited. The worst thing I can see wrong is that if you were trying to collect the shares under circumstances of war or whatever might impede travel, my ghost and you would be in a box! Speaking of privacy in the mail, there’s a World Currier Service and also another less known which work from Geneva. I have an Australian acquaintance who uses the former, and it seems impeccable. Also there’s a public fax company in Melbourne Post Office; there may be one also in the L. A. Post Office.

I knew you had a connection with Liberty Lobby but not its nature.

Yes, I receive Spotlight, thankyou or I would be happy to accept your offer of a sub. I like it very much. Incidently, the article you mention in your letter of 5 XII came today- it took just a month! Thankyou anyway for offering.


Now that we have the shares, I will just wait for your reply to plan the trip. Sincerely yours,

[signed] Jean Farrel, E.