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Last Will of Jean Farrel, Edison (1/16/84)

Jean Farrel, E., 32, Chemin de la Culturaz, 1095 Lutry, Suisse/Switzerland

2 Chemin de la Culturaz

95 Lutry, Vaud, Switzerland

16 January, 1984

Last Will of Jean Farrel, Edison.

The undersigned Jean Farrel Edison, daughter of I. Alton Farrel and of Mrs. Hazel Farrel, born Edison; of Colombia nationality, born on March 4, 1920, single, without profession, residing 32 Chemin de la Culturraz, 1095 Lutry, Canton of Vaud, declare I am making my will as floows:

I revoke all previous testamentary dispositions and intend to submit the execution of my testament to the Colmbian Law.

I make universal heiress Madame Walter Joan) Althaus, born Jeary, Scwyzerstr. 10, 8805 Richterswil, Zurich, Telephone number (01) = 84.8757. For the case where she may no longer be alive or able: Legion for the Survival of Freedom, Inc. Post Office Box 1306, Torrancw, California, 90505.

I formally declare to want to remove from my succession my brother Robert Edison Farrel and my niece Joan Farrel Clancy and in a general way any other persons. I do not want any Christian funeral. My remnants must rest in a wooden coffin, simple and raw and I would like as short a ceremony as possible.

No organ must be taken from my body for any reason whatsoever.

Someone must watch cconsciously over my body for five days and five nights before burying it for sign of life:

I designate as paid executor of my will Madame althaus, above mentioned, or, if she is incapable of fulfilling that duty, a person designated by the Legion for the Survival of Freedom, mentioned above.

Such are my last wills.

This it has been signed with my hand, healthy of body and mind, at Lutry, on 16 January, 1984.

Jean Farrel Edison (seal)

Witness: Barbara E. Dand-Wilson . Chemin de la Cultura, 32, 1095. Lutry.