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Letter from Willis Carto to Maurice Cruchon (11/16/1985)


November 16, 1985


Etude de Me Maurice Cruchon
Avocat au Barreau de Geneve
Boite Postale 230
CH-1211 Geneve 1

Dear Mr. Cruchon:

I enclosed herein sealed copies of the minutes of the board of directors of the Legion for the Survival of Freedom, Inc. (LSF) the owner of NECA Corporation, for March 5, 1985 and September 19, 1985. You will note that in the former, a regular meeting, the board accepted ownership of NECA and in the latter, a special meeting, the board empowered me to assume operating control of NECA and appointed others as official representatives to expedite the securing of all corporate assets.

It is clear that the present attempt by outsiders to disrupt the existing relationship between the Legion and its properties is not merely highly improper and totally unsustainable at law but may actually be criminal in nature. In American law it could be called conspiracy to commit grand larceny.

By their unauthorized entering and possession of our private corporate business records these outsiders have improperly gained knowledge of our business affairs, enabling them to successfully loot some of our assets with hardly even the color of law.

We hereby demand immediate restitution of all of our property wherever situated, including all files and documents and valuable papers and we stand ready to serve as witnesses in any criminal proceeding relating to the attempt by this gang to make off with our property.

You are authorized and instructed to take whatever measures are necessary to accomplish the above.


[signed] W. A. Carto