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Willis Carto’s 'Lanham Act' Lawsuit against the IHR

This case, captioned Liberty Lobby vs. Kirk Lyons, LSF, and Mark Weber, was a $43 million lawsuit attempting to re-litigate (once again!) issues long since decided under the guise of alleged violations of the Lanham Act.

  • News release on this case (11/16/2000)
  • As usual, Carto’s attorneys made a hash of this one, as can be seen in our motion to dismiss. (2/13/2001)
  • In response to the above motion, we further destroy their case with our reply. (5/7/2001)
  • News release on the court’s dismissal of this case. (10/1/2001)
  • The court’s opinion in dismissing the case. (9/26/2001)
  • The court’s order dismissing the case. (9/26/2001)