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Judge Issues Warrant for Carto’s Arrest (November 20, 1996)

A California Judge has issued a bench warrant for the arrest of Willis A. Carto, chief of the Washington, DC-based Liberty Lobby organization, and publisher of its tabloid weekly, The Spotlight.

In September 1993 the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) terminated its relationship with Carto after he attempted to interfere with the editorial policy of the IHR’s Journal of Historical Review, and drastically to change its content. After his ouster, Carto launched a series of lawsuits against the IHR, its parent corporation (LSF), and persons associated with it.

One of these was the HEF-2 lawsuit (case No. 726201), brought by Carto against the IHR in the name of the fictitious Historical Education Foundation. California Superior Court Judge Frederick Horn ruled in favor of the Institute, and in May 1996 awarded sanctions to the IHR in amount of $7,365. Carto failed to pay this amount, or post a bond to guarantee the sanction.

Carto was consequently ordered to appear at a debtor examination on Monday morning, Nov. 18, at the Orange County (Santa Ana) court house. After neither he nor his attorney showed up, Superior Court Judge C. Robert Jamieson issued a bench warrant for Carto’s arrest, and ordered that he post an additional $10,000 bond to guarantee his future appearance.

This arrest warrant, which became effective today, puts added pressure on the already hard-pressed Liberty Lobby chief. Six days ago another Superior Court Judge ordered Carto, Liberty Lobby, and other defendants in a just-completed trial in San Diego to pay $6.43 million, plus several years' interest, to IHR/LSF. Judge Runston G. Maino ruled in favor of plaintiff LSF/IHR in the civil lawsuit (case No. N64584), declaring that Carto and his co-defendants illegally took millions of dollars from the Institute and its parent corporation.