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Carto Files New Suit, Threatens Another

August 21, 1997

Willis and Elisabeth Carto, acting through their attorney Brian Urtnowski, on Friday, August 15, filed a new lawsuit naming Greg Raven and Mark Weber as defendants. The suit has yet to be served.

The suit arises out of Carto’s attempt to seize the offices of the IHR by force on October 15, 1993, with the aid of three hired thugs brought along for the occasion. The IHR staff called the Costa Mesa police, and the Cartos were arrested and jailed. Consequently, they were not allowed to remove from the premises their break-in plans, weapons, and other items.

The Cartos returned the next day, after being released from jail, accompanied by law enforcement officials, to collect their belongings. Subsequently, the Cartos made a legal claim against the IHR for other possessions they claimed as theirs that were not returned. Included in the fantastic list of items claimed by Carto are: a rubber boat, pillows, blankets, pots, pans, eight-piece place setting, tableware, a redwood outdoor table set, a vacuum cleaner, cooking utensils, and a book called The Aryan Household, among other things. Most of these items, of course, never existed, or as in the case of the vacuum cleaner, were never his. Perhaps the Cartos now imagine that they were actually living at the IHR offices prior to October 1993, rather than visiting once every couple of weeks or so to do volunteer work.

This case went to arbitration. The arbitrator’s ruling states, WILLIS CARTO also filed a claim of conversion of various books and personal items by the LEGION members. [The Legion is the parent corporation of the IHR.} He failed, however, to satisfy his burden of proof demonstrating that these were his personal possessions, as opposed to the property of the LEGION. By not appealing this ruling, the Cartos lost all legal claim to these items.

In the years since this ruling, Carto has been bawling about his possessions (he must really miss that rubber boat). Representatives of the IHR repeatedly attempted to negotiate with Carto about this matter, as Carto has steadfastly refused to cooperate in any way with the IHR, even when it was clearly in his interest to do so. Now, three years after the fact (and after the statute of limitations has long since run), Carto is attempting to bring suit for the same phony possessions in spite of the fact that this matter has received a final ruling in a court of law.

Either Carto really believes he had a rubber boat at the IHR offices, in which case he is insane, or he knows that there never was a boat but is lying about it to further his attempts to destroy the IHR through litigation.

One of the most interesting aspects of this suit is that in it, Carto tacitly acknowledges that he had a .357 Magnum revolver in his possession at the time he and his thugs attempted to seize the IHR offices by force.

Meanwhile, Carto’s East Coast Jewish attorney Mark Lane has written two confused letters ostensibly on behalf of Carto, demanding that we stop telling people that Carto had a role in the embezzlement of millions of dollars from the IHR. It is beyond cavil that millions of dollars meant for the IHR have disappeared, and it is likewise beyond cavil that Carto had a role in this — he has admitted it under oath! Still, the litigious Mr. Carto may bring yet another suit in his protracted efforts to rule or ruin the IHR.