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IHR Consolidates Big Win Over Carto in Texas

February 10, 1998

On August 22, 1997, Texas Judge Harvey Brown handed Willis Carto a major defeat in a three-year battle brought by Carto to wrest control of the Legion for the Survival of Freedom (parent corporation of the Institute for Historical Review) from its current and rightful directors.

On February 6, 1998, Judge Brown delivered his decision in a two-page Final Judgment, backed up with a highly-unusual 13-page explanation of the details of the case. Judge Brown’s final decision closely follows his earlier preliminary decision, in which he found for the LSF/IHR on virtually all counts, and denied all of Carto’s motions.

This means that once again, after hearing all the evidence, a court of law has reaffirmed the actions of the officers and directors of the LSF, and denied claims by Carto to the contrary. Carto, of course, continues to act as if the courts and everyone else is wrong, and he alone is right.

So dedicated is Carto to pursuing his twisted viewpoint regarding the LSF/IHR, that he has apparently filed a new 140-page lawsuit, charging the LSF/IHR, its employees, officers, directors, and others, with civil RICO violations, Sherman Anti-Trust Act violations, Defamation, tortious interference with contracts and business relations, and intentional infliction of emotional distress!

LSF has yet to be served with this latest abuse of process, but from what is known so far, it is made up largely of lies, errors, unsupported assertions, and issues that have already been litigated to Carto’s detriment.

Among the more bizarre aspects of this latest suit is the fact that Carto, who has published articles in his weekly tabloid, The Spotlight, indicating that the entire judicial system of the United States is out to get him, would bring this suit in the first place, let alone in Washington, DC, where the suit was filed.

It is also interesting to note that Carto, after asserting that he cannot win in court because of bias on the part of the judiciary, shortly thereafter joined into the lawsuit in San Francisco against the ADL. If Carto believes that the judiciary is prejudiced, then logically, joining a lawsuit against the ADL mean Carto wants to tip the scale of justice in favor of the ADL.

Lead counsel on this latest attack against the largest revisionist publisher in the world is none other than Carto’s East coast Jewish attorney, Mark Lane.