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Carto Admits to Being a Gun-Toting Thug

April 14, 1998

For years since his bungled attempt to take control of the offices of the Institute for Historical Review by force on October 15, 1993, Willis Carto has portrayed himself as an innocent victim, who merely dropped by the IHR office to see what was going on, only to be set upon by criminals, including the gun-toting Greg Raven, president of IHR’s parent corporation.

Today, however, in front of Superior Court Judge Thrasher, Carto sang a different tune, admitting under cross examination by IHR attorney William Hulsy that he had brought a Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum revolver to the IHR offices for his October 15 break-in. Carto was forced to leave behind the weapon when he was arrested for the break-in. In addition to the gun, Carto brought along not only his wife Elisabeth, but also two hired thugs and a locksmith, who was busy sawing off a deadbolt when IHR staffers caught the Carto conspirators in the act. After surpressing the attempted violent seizure of the IHR, the staff discovered that Carto had also brought along several other weapons — including a club that had the sharp end of a nail protruding from its business end — to arm his ad hoc gang.

In related news, in a judgment debtor’s examination last Friday, April 10, Elisabeth Carto followed Willis’ lead and took the Fifth in response to a series of questions about herself and her assets. The Carto’s new position is that it is reasonable to believe that anything they say about any of their assets will lead to criminal prosecution, notably in Switzerland, where the Populist, America-first, bank-hating Carto appears to have transacted a great deal of business. The implication of the Carto’s position is that they have no assets that were honestly gained. Carto’s attorney, Brian Urtnowski, further implied in a brief supporting the Cartos’ position on the jeopardy they face from various local, state, and international agencies investigating creminal activities, that the Cartos not only took the money that rightfully belongs to the IHR, but that they still have that money in their possession. This, too, stands in contrast to previous representations from the Cartos that Willis controls the money, but does not own it.

The Cartos, their friends Lewis and LaVonne Furr, mystery man Henry Fischer, and Liberty Lobby, still owe the IHR more than $11.4 million arising out of their improper conversion of funds meant for the IHR. Because of their refusal to abide by the ruling of the Court in this matter, the Cartos, Liberty Lobby, and all of the other defendants are now in receivership. As Judge Maino stated at the April 10 hearing, I am convinced that Liberty Lobby and Mr. Carto are one and the same. Thus, Liberty Lobby finds itself on the precipice of financial disaster due to the actions of Willis Carto.

In spite of repeated offers to settle the various claims and counter-claims between the IHR and Carto, Carto has steadfastly refused any reasonable moves in this direction, Instead, through his weekly tabloid, The Spotlight (February 10, 1998), Carto has vowed in a front-page article that there will be no compromise with the IHR. Given Carto’s continued refusal to negotiate or even to stop attacking the IHR, even though neither the law nor the facts are on his side, it seems clearer than ever that Carto is determined to risk destroying himself, Liberty Lobby, and the trust of numberless persons who depend on Liberty Lobby, in hopes that he will get to keep money that was never his to begin with.