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Carto Finds Spy Links — And No Wonder

October 20, 1998

The October 5, 1998, issue of The Spotlight, a weekly tabloid published by patriot-for-profit Willis Carto, claims to have an informant who links an attorney for the Institute for Historical Review to Israel’s Mossad. This linkage is important because Carto cannot believe that his illegal diversion of millions of dollars meant for the IHR could possibly be the reason for his downfall; therefore some outside agency (or combination of agencies) must be involved.

Errors of fact abound in The Spotlight article, which cites Bob Countess, who has played no role in the hiring of any of the IHR’s attorneys: None of IHR’s attorneys is Jewish; and none of the IHR’s attornies has any connections with the Mossad; and the claim that any IHR attorney stands to get 70 percent of what they collect is lunacy. Not one to be deterred by the facts, Carto compounds these errors by falsely identifying IHR attorney Bryan Sampson as the Mossad agent. Not only is Sampson not Jewish, he is a West Point graduate with a distinguished military record, whose legal acumen is admired from coast to coast. Ironically, Countess has neither met nor spoken with Sampson, although Carto has. Somehow, Sampson eluded Carto’s keen ability to sniff out spies and agents, leaving him to rely on others with no connection whatsoever to the facts!

These bizarre accusations are based on a declaration by Jim Floyd — a man not known for his temperance (which may be why Carto failed to identify Floyd in the article) — who swears that he heard Countess admit the damaging Mossad connection. Even so, anyone who knows Carto, must be wondering why a man who himself has strange ties to secret intelligence agents would risk making an issue of this.

For example, one of Carto’s closest friends for many years has been Henri Fischer, a secretive man who has been called a CIA agent by no less than the one-time Prime Minister and head of the Australian Labor Party, Gough Whitlam, an accusation that was reported in the British and Australian press in 1978. Fischer abruptly left Australia for the United States in 1978, bringing with him $500,000 of someone else’s money that was supposed to be given to the Australian Labor Party. More recently, Fischer fled the the United States after his role in the diversion of millions from the IHR by Carto and others became clear.

Carto at one time also had Victor Marchetti, an ex-CIA officer, working out of an office at Liberty Lobby. Another associate of Carto’s is Fletcher Prouty, a retired intelligence officer rumored to have been the model for Mister X in the Oliver Stone film JFK. Carto also touts ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovski in the pages of The Spotlight, and arranged for Ostrovski to speak at Liberty Lobby events.

One of Carto’s wierdest connections must be Roy Bullock, the homosexual ADL spy who at one time was given the use of office space at Liberty Lobby during visits to Washington, DC. It is also known that Bullock got ahold of the IHR mailing list during the time when Carto and Bullock were still on good terms. (Carto has since outed Bullock as a spy.)

Readers must find it perplexing that a right-wing paper such as The Spotlight, which claims to be ostricized by the establishment, would have access to so much inside information about the CIA, the Mossad, and even the Church of Scientology. Mark Lane, Carto’s East coast Jewish attorney, has written a book claiming special insight into the CIA’s role in the assassination of John F. Kennedy, for example, and Carto’s right-hand man Mike Piper (at one time a friend of Roy Bullock) claims special insight into the Mossad, which he blames for Kennedy’s assassination.

Little wonder, then, that Carto sees Mossad and CIA links everywhere he turns.

He seems to have surrounded himself with ex- agents.