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What happened to the settlement negotiations between Carto and LSF?

June 14, 1999

For many years now, the IHR (through its parent corporation, Legion for the Survival of Freedom) has been attempting to reach a settlement with Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby, to end the pointless and wasteful hostilities that arose after it was discovered that Carto had diverted millions of dollars meant for the IHR to his personal uses. For years, Carto has either refused to negotiate, or refused to discuss settlement terms in good faith.

Then, in November 1998, a series of court reversals seemed to break the deadlock, and Carto, negotiating on behalf of Liberty Lobby began to indicate that a negotiated settlement might be possible. During the next five months, however, Carto often seemed to be dealing in bad faith, but IHR persisted, and in April 1999, Carto’s California attorney Brian Urtnowski verbally accepted a proposal that would have ended all hostilities between IHR, on one hand, and Liberty Lobby and the Cartos on the other. On Friday, May 21, 1999, IHR received word from Urtnowski that his clients had accepted all our terms, and that he was flying to DC to obtain the necessary signatures.

That was the last IHR heard from Urtnowski concerning the agreement. As a result, and despite months of work, and dozens of phone calls and letters, there is no settlement.