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Carto’s lawsuit against LSF attorney Bill Hulsy fails

June 14, 1999

Superior Court in Santa Ana, California, has dismissed yet another one of Willis Carto’s meritless lawsuits. In March 1995, hoping to convince attorney William Hulsy that he should stop representing IHR, Willis Carto filed suit against Hulsy claiming, among other things, breach of attorney-client privilege. Even though Hulsy was able to show that 1) Carto had not been a client, and 2) the information Carto claimed to have divulged was not a secret, Carto was able to prolong the litigation for years.

Last week, however, Carto’s California attorney Brian Urtnowski failed for the second time to appear at a hearing in this case, and the court ordered the case dismissed. Carto had previously vowed to continue prosecuting this case to its conclusion. Carto was asking for thousands of dollars in damages.

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