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Newly-released Document Proves Carto Lied

June 23, 1999

The key to the dispute between the Institute for Historical Review (IHR) and Willis Carto hinges on whether Jean Farrel wanted her gift of more than $16 million to go to the IHR, or whether she wanted Carto to spend it as he saw fit.

For years now, Carto has stated repeatedly (and under oath) that Farrel wanted him to have and control the money, and that the money never belonged to IHR. During the two-week trial in San Diego County in 1996, IHR attorneys produced copious evidence (as well as legal arguments) that showed Carto’s claims to be untrue.

However, it was not until after the trial that the IHR obtained a copy of a document, written and signed by Carto himself, that contradicts subsequent statements Carto has made regarding the Farrel money.

Carto has yet to account fully for the missing millions.