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Who Will Run Liberty Lobby?

July 28, 1999

It now seems all but certain that Judge Martin Teel of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Washington, DC, on August 3 will appoint a special trustee to run Liberty Lobby and find out why millions of dollars flow through this organization into other organizations run by treasurer Willis Carto. This fact has created a lot of consternation in the patriotic community about who actually will be running Liberty Lobby.

For example, one typical concern is that the special trustee will be a negro or Jew. This concern is interesting if for no other reason that Carto already surrounds himself with negroes and Jews. For example, Carto hired a negro attorney to help Mark Lane file two suits before a negro judge he apparently thought would be swayed by Liberty Lobby’s multi-cultural diversity (he wasn’t). Both of Liberty Lobby’s main attorneys, Mark Lane and Paul Pearlstein, are Jewish, and Carto’s best friend and conspirator in defrauding IHR, the elusive Henri Fischer, is apparently half-Jewish. So if negroes and/or Jews are bad per se, then Liberty Lobby is already lost by this yardstick.

However, it is possible that those who voice this concern really fear that a special trustee of certain ethnic/religious background might be more prone to dislike Liberty Lobby, and thus once in power this special trustee would be in a position to sink Liberty Lobby legally, and utterly. For example, a negro special trustee might be offended by Carto’s decade’s-long back to Africa stance, or by his graceless reference to Ike Eisenhower as ¼ nigger. A Jewish special trustee might be swayed by the charge that Carto is the number one anti-Semite in the United States.

Whichever interpretation is correct, the only thing that matters is that none of this would have come to pass if it were not for the actions of Willis A. Carto, who precipitated this sequence of events by conspiring to divert millions from the IHR, and then conspired to hide this diversion from the IHR. Even though court after court after court has ruled that what Carto did was wrong, he continues to refuse to accept responsibility or make amends. What we are seeing now in Liberty Lobby’s bankruptcy is but one of the results.