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Carto Loses Another Round in Court

June 20, 2000

US Bankruptcy Court in Washington, DC, today rejected all arguments by attorneys for Liberty Lobby and Willis Carto aimed at delaying or avoiding payments to Legion for the Survival of Freedom (parent corporation of the IHR), to which they had previously agreed.

The motion, a curious mixture of misrepresentations, omissions, irrelevancies, venue-shopping, and barratry, was put forward on the pretext that Liberty Lobby sought a court order to force LSF/IHR to comply with the Settlement Agreement approved May 8, 2000, after months of delay by Carto. At all times, LSF/IHR has been in compliance with the terms of the agreement. Liberty Lobby, the Cartos, and the Furrs have been out of compliance with the agreement since it started to go into effect January 2000. As a show of committment to the Settlement Agreement and in the spirit of reconciliation, LSF/IHR thus far has refrained from defaulting the Cartos and Liberty Lobby, even in the face of their near-complete non-compliance with the terms of the agreement, and, now, their bad-faith legal attempts to avoid living up to their obligations.