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Liberty Lobby Sues IHR Yet Again!

November 16, 2000

Despite signing an agreement promising to drop all litigation against IHR and its parent corporation, Legion for the Survival of Freedom, Liberty Lobby has once again sued LSF/IHR, this time for $43 million. In addition to LSF/IHR, the suit names attorney Kirk Lyons and IHR director Mark Weber.

This latest example of malicious prosecution from Liberty Lobby, at the cost of untold dollars in support of master barrator Mark Lane, bears a remarkable resemblance to their previous multi-million dollar mega-suit in Washington, DC, which was thrown out by Judge Kennedy on the judge’s own motion.

Willis Carto, CEO of Liberty Lobby, has orchestrated a non-stop attack on LSF/IHR and its staff since 1993, when he was caught converting millions of dollars of LSF/IHR funds to his own uses.

Carto’s attacks on Kirk Lyons, in the pages of Liberty Lobby’s tabloid paper, The Spotlight, began after investigators discovered a link between Liberty Lobby and Tim McVeigh, the man convicted of bombing the federal building in Oklahoma City. Later, Carto renewed his attacks after Lyons won a multi-million dollar award for his client Don Wassell, in a lawsuit in which Liberty Lobby attorney Mark Lane worked in support of Lyons’ opponent.

Increasingly vindictive and desperate actions such as this latest Liberty Lobby lawsuit validate the action taken by the LSF/IHR board of directors in ousting Carto in 1993. LSF/IHR has not lost any of the nearly three dozen lawsuits Carto has brought since that time, and has been awarded multi-million dollar judgments against both Carto and Liberty Lobby.