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Maino Affirms Carto, Liberty Lobby in Default

December 18, 2000

Judge Runston Maino of the Superior Court in California ruled Friday, December 15, that Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby have defaulted on the agreement they signed in July of last year with the Legion for the Survival of Freedom, parent corporation of the Institute for Historical Review. The agreement arose out of LSF/IHR’s efforts to collect a multi-million dollar judgment against Carto and Liberty Lobby dating back to November 1996.

In his ruling, Maino wrote that Carto and Liberty Lobby were in default because they filed a new lawsuit against LSF/IHR, failed to make monthly interest payments, and failed to pay penalties as specified in the agreement they signed.

This ruling means that the agreement between the Carto group and LSF/IHR is set aside, and that LSF/IHR are free to proceed to collect on the full amount of the judgment. Had they abided by the terms of the agreement, the Carto group would have had to pay only $1.2 million, dismiss lawsuits, turn over documents, and perform some other minor tasks to avoid the full weight of the judgment. Because of Carto’s refusal to meet these minimal requirements, Liberty Lobby now owes LSF/IHR in excess of $4 million. Carto personally owes in excess of $12 million.