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Liberty Lobby Pays to Avoid Carto Questioning

April 6, 2001

Yesterday (Thursday, April 5), Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby agreed to pay $2.8 million dollars to IHR parent corporation Legion for the Survival of Freedom, $1.6 million more than a similar agreement reached in 1999 that required Willis and wife Elisabeth to answer questions about their bank accounts and other assets. The new agreement makes no such provision. Carto and Liberty Lobby had repeatedly broken the 1999 agreement, and were only two days away from a court hearing that would have forced Carto to produce banking and investment records and answer questions about his assets. During a February 1998 attempt to ask Carto questions about the millions he improperly took from LSF, Willis refused to answer on the grounds that revealing any details about his assets or even the locations of his bank accounts would incriminate him in as-yet unknown crimes.

This new agreement also makes no provision for LSF to ask Swiss authorities to stop their criminal investigation of the Cartos and the Cartos’ close friend, Henri Fischer. Fischer is not included in the terms of the agreement.

In the past, Carto, Liberty Lobby, and their attorneys have broken agreements and lied to the court, so it remains to be seen if they will abide by the provisions of this new agreement.

In 1996, a Superior Court judge in California found the Cartos, the Furrs, Henri Fischer, and Liberty Lobby had improperly diverted money from LSF, and awarded LSF a judgment of $6.4 million dollars plus interest.