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Latest Deposition Transcripts Now Available

August 9, 2001

Transcripts of the judgment debtor examinations of Willis and Elisabeth Carto are now available on-line. These latest transcripts show that the Cartos are now attempting to portray themselves as (literally and figuratively) poor, ignorant folk who through no fault of their own have become caught up in schemes by powerful enemies.

Elisabeth Carto, for example, would have us believe that she owns nothing of any value whatsoever, earns barely enough money to make ends meet, has no idea who really owns her home or her broken down old car, what her husband really does for a living, etc.

Willis Carto still sees dark forces at work to get him, even though he does little more than volunteer time to various organizations about which he knows next to nothing.

Their slips and outright lies are there for the knowledgeable, though, and they make fascinating reading for anyone who is familiar with these two, and understands what they are up to.

Also now available are updated charts showing the outstanding indebtedness to LSF/IHR by the Cartos and by Liberty Lobby.

Finally, don’t miss the photos of Liberty Lobby personnel looting the Liberty Lobby building!