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Appellate Judge Denies Liberty Lobby motion for stay

September 10, 2001

DC District Court Judge Gladys Kessler today ruled that Bankruptcy Court Judge Martin Teel was correct on the facts and on the law in denying a stay of collections requested by Liberty Lobby. Once again, this ruling stands in stark contrast to the lies told by Willis Carto to readers of his (defunct?) tabloid, The Spotlight.

This ruling means that LSF/IHR can continue their collection efforts against Liberty Lobby, said now to be out of business (despite the fact that it maintains litigation against LSF/IHR in DC. While no one else besides the Cartos know what has become of the millions of dollars in Liberty Lobby’s possession before it declared bankruptcy, it is clear that other Liberty Lobby assets, such as the mailing list, have been illegally transferred to Carto’s new enterprise, American Free Press. Like The Spotlight, American Free Press attacks LSF/IHR and judges who have issued rulings adverse to Carto. Carto writes for American Free Press, although his name appears neither on the articles themselves nor on the masthead. Astute readers of The Spotlight know that even though Carto ran Liberty Lobby with an iron fist, his name appeared nowhere on the masthead, and only infrequently elsewhere in the publication. Liberty Lobby’s attorney Mark Lane also writes for American Free Press for an undisclosed amount of money.

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