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Aryan Update from W.A.R.

Nov. 1, 1998


Did you receive a slick business letter from the new and perverted RESISTANCE RECORDS? It says in part. DON’T BE ALARMED! RESISTANCE IS THE SAME COMPANY IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN, ONLY IN A LOT BETTER CLIMATE.

Do not believe it. Most if not all those involved with RESISTANCE are gone. WEE Willy Carto is the man behind the money venture now. Of course his Jew lawyers are in the wings also. His latest is to call all his opponents Mossad agents.

This reminds me of the way a lot of Jew business men operate. They buy up an old but respected name in say the beer industry. The company is usually for pennies on the dollar. Then the new owner bottles thousands of cases of crummy beer and then makes a short but big media push on TV for this old and respected name. Beer drinkers flock to a cheap imitation of the old formula and soon see its rot gut. By then Jew boy is in fat city and has made a killing. As soon as he makes his killing he dumps the operation and moves to Miami Beach. This is the scam that is used on many popular old names in TV and appliances to.

Their was a pretty large stock of CDs that were shipped west from the old Resistance inventory. Probably once they have been sold and the money made the operation will quickly disappear. Only time will tell. If the new outfit continues to flourish it would only be because unwary bands are making money deals with them. Its called sleeping with the enemy. Their are several sources to purchase high quality CDs from.

Tom Metzger