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September, 1999

Profiteer to Continue to Operate After Settlement

Raven decides to take cash rather than fight Carto

LOS ANGELES - The man once called the nation’s most notorious Patriot-for-a-Profit appears headed toward a court settlement which will allow him to continue to operate. According to Greg Raven, promoter Willis Carto has agreed to pay $1.2 million of a $7.3 million judgment against him for pilfering the estate of an elderly woman. Anarchist bomber Tim McVeigh once advertised in a Carto publication. Despite encouragement to shut Carto down entirely, Raven said that he decided to settle because he was strapped for cash.

Carto, 75, a former John Birch Society salesman, had been forced into bankruptcy by Raven. For forty-two years, Carto had run a mail-order business with dummy boards and jilted followers, touting everything from cancer cures to conspiracy theories. His California mansion was raided while he was under investigation for fraud. A man of contradictions, Carto employed lawyers named Mosche Levine, alias Mark Lane, and Paul Pearlstein, despite claiming to be anti-Semitic. His associate, John Acord, fled to Israel after bilking the treasury of a veterans’ group.

Nationalist Secretary Richard Jordan called cutting Carto loose not in the public interest.