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An Open Letter to Christians, Patriots and Revisionists on the continuing dispute between LSF-IHR and Carto

by Rich Salzer, HRL

It has been seven and one-half years since LSF-IHR divorced itself from former acting agent Willis A. Carto (10/01/93). [sic] And it is with some degree of sadness that I must spend my time writing this synopsis. This will be the final word on the following:

  1. Willis Carto,
  2. Carto vs. LSF-IHR, and
  3. Carto-run organizations, by anyone here at Historical Review Library.

When I first heard the news that LSF-IHR’s board-of-directors had voted unanimously to sever its 15-yr. relationship with the Cartos (Willis and wife Elisabeth) it was in the pages of Nov.-Dec. 1993 Journal [of] Historical Review, on page 25, in a short article entitled Willis Carto and the IHR. Then came a barrage of weird articles in the Spotlight weekly newspaper that Carto runs at 300 Independence Ave, Washington, D.C. At first, I didn't know what to think. ADL!? Scientology!? Flying saucers!? Retired Circus Clowns!? What next!?

It seemed like all of a sudden the entire world was against poor, saintly 'ole W. A. Carto! That would be the beginning of my own investigation of the facts as presented by both the contestants in the epic struggle! {Top that, Leon Degrelle!} I started to correspond with Carto shortly after the commencement of the publication of The Barnes Review (TBR). At first the letters were very cordial, then they got strange, then vicious! Carto spent a lot of time trying to compare grapes, apples, peaches and oranges to one another. Then he had his hired literary thug Michael Collins Piper (in 1996 at a First Amendment rally I was invited to on Capital Hill, Piper told me eyeball-to-eyeball that his real name is actually Bernard which he hates, so he goes by the name of the long dead Irish populist leader of the late 19teens and early 1920s) smear people (below).

In 1995 I wrote to Robert Faurisson, Bradley Smith, Michael Hoffman and many other revisionists asking them what their take on IHR vs. Carto was all about, as the ADL and Scientology accusations continued unabated in The Spotlight.

Then a big breakthrough took place in April 1996. Dr. Arthur Butz, author of The Hoax of the Twentieth Century, responded to my (then) recent letter to him. Butz said (on the question of IHR vs. Carto) … I consider any allegations of ADL or Scientology interference or influence at IHR to be pure hogwash.

Wow. Pretty strong words from one of the bigger names in the revisionist field. When I called Liberty Lobby about in early 1997, I got Andy Arnold (who sardonically asked me if I was a Holocaust denier, to which I said of course), who turned the phone over to Piper, who said Butz has to side with IHR because they sell his books. Another non-sequitor, I thought.

Still having my doubts, I decided to go to the LSF-IHR conference of 2000, with my mind open. When Carto heard I was going to LSF-IHR '00 he had Piper harass me to find out what was going on, etc. I sarcastically told Carto I would be his eyes and ears. I had previously told the audience of my Revisionism Today Newsletter I would be going to California in May '00. I had several long talks with Dr. Butz, Dr. Faurisson, John Bennett, Bradley Smith, Greg Raven et al, while in Irvine, CA, that weekend and they DID NOT look to be the victims of mind control or paid agents of the enemy to me. I also learned many things about Mr. Carto and his surreptitious activities of recent history. I thank everyone’s patience with my 20 questions, but it’s just in my revisionist nature. Plus I got to meet Charles Provan and Mike Santomauro.


  1. Willis Carto had no business diverting money from the Farrel bequest for his own pet causes,
  2. He had no legal standing to enforce LSF-IHR-JHR policy decisions,
  3. He has lied repeatedly about revisionists such as myself (see article in Mach 2001 Spotlight as most recent example), Michael Hoffman, Dr.(s) Robert Faurisson and Arthur Butz, Bradley Smith, Ditlieb Felderer, Ernst Zundel, Ted O’Keefe, Mark Weber, Greg Raven and many others,
  4. He has wasted the money of Christians, Patriots, Revisionists that have been sent to him for helping Liberty Lobby, The Spotlight, TBR, et al, but wasting space in his publications (above) attacking or otherwise misreporting facts on the dispute (while to JHR’s credit they have in turn wasted very little of JHR space on same),
  5. According to Board-of-Director head Harvey Taylor it was the LSF-IHR board’s DECISION to take legal action to recover the embezzled monies, and lastly
  6. Having his lapdog Bernie Piper-Collins, or whatever his real name is, to try and get revisionists to take Carto’s side is the dispute, such as bribing David Irving with $5,000.00 cash to take Carto’s side. Another example is a letter Carto wrote on his little manual typewriter, dated July 26th, 2000, to this author, telling me to write something for publication in TBR on any subject and Rich, I'll personally see to it, it gets published, in the NOV-DEC. All 'Holocaust' issue of TBR.

Well, firstly the much vaunted all-holoembellishment issue of TBR was actually Jan.-Feb. 2001 and secondly my well-researched piece on the United Nations inspired Holoexaggeration wasn't even printed in the form of a letter! When I sent a hot letter demanding to know why, after Obergruppensturmfuhrer Carto said my piece would be printed (it was later printed in its entirety in Revisionism Today), I was sent a seven page attack vs. myself and Michael Hoffman (!??!) by Piper! Guess Carto finally lost his patience with trying to get me on his side, eh?

I answered Piper’s yellow journalism with a factual response (of course sending a copy of my defense to the the accursed Hoffman, too. Hoffman thanked me for my defense of himself). Carto also wrote a letter to Arthur Butz calling me his friend. And I've never even met the man!! I mean, I've seen Carto at several meetings, conferences, etc., and know him and all but he also tried to invite me out to dinner (another bribe?) with him and Piper! (Yea like working fulltime for Cox Communications, part-time for both ARFL and the CFS I've got time to fly/or drive to D.C. and party with two patriots for profit. Right. And next week I'll do lunch [with] David Duke at his Masonic Lodge!) The final straw with me was when Carto in the biggest act of desperation since Garo Yepremiun’s Super Bowl XII throw, was when Elisabeth Carto called and harassed me at work.

FINAL JUDGMENT (sorry to steal your lousy title, W. A.): Carto and Piper are two of the biggest menaces to our revisionist credibility today! Since they won't give me a refund to my subscriptions to The Spotlight and TBR, I can't wait until they expire (probably when Carto does, as Ted O’Keefe says Carto won't live forever, and I don't see anyone lest Piper carrying on his work.)

Mr. Salzer is Director/Editor of Historical Review Library and Revisionism Today Newsletter, Hollywood 901, Chesapeake, Virginia 23320. His papers, letters, etc. have appeared in Michael Hoffman’s Revisionist History, The Christian News, True Health, The Spotlight, The Barnes Review, The Rouge (a Canadian magazine), Media Bypass, Goldmine Magazine, American Forestry Association and Virginia Forestry magazines and and newspapers. Mr. Salzer, who is conversant in five languages including, occasionally the queen’s American, in available to debate on WWII subjects, sports history in North American and other subjects. Mr. Salzer has led protests vs. PETA (People Eat Tasty Animals?), Rabbis, and the United Nations. He can be reached at the above address at at the following e-mail address: Richard.Salzer@cox.com. The above commentary is NOT copyrighted. Please feel free to post on any website or distribute photocopies at will, as long as credit for its contents is given to the above author.