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U.S. anti-Semitic group goes bankrupt

(July 11, 2001) Liberty Lobby, an anti-Semitic, conspiracy-oriented organization, lost a crucial bid for federal bankruptcy protection last month.

The group was forced to close down and stop publishing its weekly newspaper, The Spotlight.

The final blow came when its most recent Chapter 11 filing was dismissed by a US court.

It is possible that Liberty Lobby founder Willis A. Carto will begin publishing The Spotlight again, funded by donations to his Friends of the Liberty Lobby group, although it appears unlikely he could raise sufficient funds in the immediate future.

While it is always good to witness the demise of an anti-Semitic organization, we are not yet ready to rejoice, said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director.

The organization may be gone but its anti-Semitic founder and mainstay, Willis Carto, is still with us.

Foxman said the ADL will continue to remain vigilant when it comes to Carto and his former cohorts at the Institute for Historical Review, in a statement published this morning.

Founded by Willis Carto in 1955, Liberty Lobby became one of the most influential and active anti-Semitic, conspiracy-oriented propaganda organizations in the United States.

The Spotlight, which ran its first issue in 1975, had considerable influence on the growth of American militia groups in the 1990s.

Liberty Lobby also broadcast a weekly radio program, Radio Free America, which frequently interviewed hate group leaders and conspiracy theorists.