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I Sign Deal With Willis Carto

Will Write For American Free Press

1/16/2002 6:49:25 PM
Bill White

Washington, DC — I met Willis Carto today. Nice guy, a little wacky, but mostly pretty intelligent and pleasant. Definitely has a Hitler thing, but I can overlook that. Talked to him for just over two hours, and we reached a deal where I will begin writing 750-word pieces for his latest publication, The American Free Press (https://www.americanfreepress.net).

It was actually a bit of a funny scene today — when I first showed up at the door they wouldn’t answer it because they thought anyone as well dressed as I who wanted to talk to them must be a process server. Eventually I did get in though.

It was also a bit surreal. I have never been in a room where some guy comes and goes Hey Willis: I just got off the phone with David Duke and he says hi from Germany.

There may be some who wonder if my acceptance of this deal represents a great ideological change, but it doesn’t. I will be choosing by own topics for writing, and the bottom line is that he offered me pretty good money to write ’em, given how short they are …

The conversation with Carto was interesting. I won’t go into too much personal detail, but I learned all sorts of neat things like the Institute for Historical Review — the nation’s largest Holocaust denial/debunkal whatever you want to call it organization — is now owned by the Church of Scientology. At one point, Carto whipped this cover off of this huge stack of paper — like as tall and as thick as a filing cabinet, stacked on the floor, and went That’s my file on the Scientologists. They are evil people.

As another funny aside, I mentioned I had read a lot about him in the SPLC’s Intelligence Report, and his only answer was what’s that?. Hehe….

P.S. Bill White has written us to add:

Willis Carto did tell me that he has no official relationship with the American Free Press, and is only in their offices as an unpaid consultant and a resource.

But of course he did. He used to say the same thing about his relationship with LSF/IHR — until we found out that he had diverted in excess of $7.5 million dollars from the corporation for his own purposes. If I were at American Free Press, I’d be worried about what volunteer Carto was doing with the money, to say the least.