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'What deep hatred must move Elisabeth Carto to get that vicious and childish'

From: Walter Mueller <thetruthisback@yahoo.com>
Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 21:23:53 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Reply to Elisabeth Carto


Again, I was made part of a feud I wish I would not be part of. Since it is obvious that Willis Carto has lost his balls a long time ago, and his wife is doing all the talking for him, I think it is okay for me to defend Harvey Taylor. Not because he needs defending or he doesn't have the balls to defend himself, but because Harvey Taylor is one of the most modest men I have ever met in my life, and therefore would never take credit for the things he has done for the movement.

What deep hatred must move Elisabeth Carto to get that vicious and childish. But, I guess, only women can be that vindictive: Elisabeth Carto says: I remember you once donated $100 …… this is the most that I recall you ever gave at any one time. People like you (Harvey Taylor) suck the life of men like Willis.

I don't know what men Mrs. Carto is talking about, but surely they can't be much of men if they have her talking for them.

Harvey Taylor is one of the great activists and yes, he does walk the walk. He is generous, honest and has class. Which obviously Mrs. Carto lacks.

Harvey Taylor has probably spent more money for our cause than anyone I have met. Just because he didn't put it into the greedy claws of Willis Carto doesn't mean that he is cheap. It just means he is smart.

Harvey Taylor also has taken great risks to support and help the revisionist community, jeopardizing and endangering his family. If there was any sucking going on then it was the sucking of Willis Carto, sucking away all the money.

Mrs. Carto also says: You don't have guts, Harvey…… Again, Mrs. Carto talks about a subject she doesn't know anything about. Just stupid babble from somebody whose heart is full of hatred. Whatever private affairs are involved with property that was owned by Harvey Taylor should be on nobodies business.

And then, her last comment is: I feel sorry for your wife (meaning Harvey Taylor’s wife). Again, Mrs. Carto just babbles like a brain-damaged child. I have met both on several occasions and in a very private setting, and I can tell Mrs. Carto that Harvey Taylor’s wife doesn't need any pity.

We all know how you, Mrs. Carto, arrive at judgment of character. If your memory would serve you, you would remember me from one of your now so famous bitch tribes of two years ago, when I criticized your husband in my newspaper. Already then he didn't have the guts to respond in person. Then, you characterized me, even though we have never met or ever spoken to each other, as a dummy, who is a pawn of Mark Weber.

What’s amazing to me is that there are still people who listen to your bitch tribes. Or maybe not. They just read it and put it in their bird cage.

Walter F. Mueller
The truth is back in business