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More Than a War of Words: How Carto Deals With ‘Enemies’

In addition to anti-IHR smears published almost weekly in the Spotlight, Carto has initiated four harassment lawsuits against the Institute within a ten-month period. Carto’s strategy is a two-pronged attack familiar to many who have broken ranks with him in the past:

Publish a torrent of shocking revelations about the target group in an effort to undermine its support.

Bleed the target group’s resources by forcing it to spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend itself against his attacks.

But does Carto spend his own money (or use his own name) to sue his targets, or does he sucker Spotlight subscribers into funding seemingly worthwhile projects, and use their contributions to finance litigation against the real objects of his displeasure?

In March 1994 Spotlight subscribers received a pitch letter from the Foundation to Defend the First Amendment (FDFA), written by Carto, but over the signature of investigative reporter James Tucker, a long-time Carto crony and former Spotlight editor. The letter told readers that FDFA, boldly, and alone among patriotic groups, planned to file a powerful lawsuit against lifelong Liberty Lobby adversary, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, if only it could raise enough money.

It worked. Thousands of unsuspecting readers (who were not told that Carto controls FDFA and only pretends to have the guts to seriously go after the ADL) sent in their hard-earned dollars in the hopes that they would finally have their day in court against the powerful and otherwise unbeatable enemy.

But the promised lawsuit never materialized. Did Carto divert those funds to his $250 per hour lawyers to pursue expensive litigation not against the ADL, but against the Institute for Historical Review, on the concocted grounds that the IHR had been turned into an ADL asset? Those who sent him money should ask.

So far, Spotlight subscribers (including Liberty Lobby Board of Policy members) have given Carto, and Carto has given his California and Texas lawyers, more than $150,000 to destroy the IHR. Write to Jim Tucker, c/o FDFA, 300 Independence Ave, Washington, DC.

— Tom Marcellus
IHR Director

P.S. Some of the organizations, entities, and publications controlled or significantly influenced by Willis Carto (a.k.a. E.L. Anderson, Ph.D., Frank Tompkins, John Henry):

Liberty Lobby, Liberty Library, Cordite Fidelity, The Spotlight, The Barnes Review, Vibet corporation, NECA Corporation, Foundation to Defend the First Amendment (FDFA), Liberty Lifeline Foundation (LLF), Historical Education Foundation (actually, just an account name), Government Education Foundation (GEF), Foundation for Economic Liberty (FEL), Center for Historical Review, Hereford Corp., Self-Determination Committee, Sons of Liberty (Christian Defense League).