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Nazi Alert: Spotlight on the Double Agent

Willis Carto

Attorney Linda Thompson is the founder of the American Justice Federation in Indianapolis, Ind. For the past two years, the 43-year-old activist has been in a legal battle with Willis Carto, founder and treasurer of Liberty Lobby, a Washington, D.C.-based organization best described as neo-Nazi. But where do the real sympathies of Willis Carto lie?

Liberty Lobby publishes The Spotlight, a weekly tabloid that features anti-Israel diatribes, anti-Food and Drug Administration tirades and ridiculous assertions that deny the occurrence of the Holocaust. The tabloid is mailed free of charge to every congressman and senator. Carto also founded the Institute for Historical Review, a California-based Holocaust-denial (so-called revisionist) paper mill. The IHR seeks to sneak its neo-Nazi agenda into respectable scholastic institutions with its publication of official-looking journals.

In July 1984, Carto’s IHR warehouse, which contained thousands of volumes of Holocaust denial material, including such titles as The Hoax of the 20th Century and The Myth of the Six Million, burned to the ground in Torrance, Calif. Carto claimed the incident was an arson attack by the Jewish Defense League. However, JDL National Chairman Irv Rubin stated he doubted there was any fire at all and, if one did occur, it was nothing more than a couple of matches rubbed together, which was obviously the work of the IHR staff whose devious purpose was to gain sympathy for their perverted ideology.

In the summer of 1995, Thompson appeared on the David Grossack Show, a talk show airing on the international shortwave station WWCR. During the broadcast, Thompson revealed that Carto admitted to being a former member of a communist youth group. In addition, Thompson opined that Willis Carto is more than likely a deep cover Red!

Right now Carto is embroiled in a legal battle with the IHR for the multi-million dollar estate of Thomas Edison’s wacko niece. We hope the lawyers eat up all the money so that both sides get nothing.

This page is from the JDL Website.