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Is Liberty Lobby an Establishment Front Group?

The Populist Party is showing dynamism and vigor. In 1992 the Populist Party far outperformed all other third parties. New, young and able leadership is springing up in a number of states.

However, as many Party supporters are aware, the Populist Party and its leadership have been under direct assault for over two years by a shadowy figure operating from the heart of the nation’s capitol, using a significant amount of the resources of his multimillion dollar fund-raising operation to try and destroy the Populist Party. The mysterious figure is Willis Allison Carto, the secret head of Liberty Lobby and numerous other front groups.

Although Liberty Lobby claims to be a Populist organization, read the following article carefully and decide for yourselves what cause Willis Carto is serving.

Bill Clinton’s victory was a triumph for Populism. What is the source for this quote? The Washington Post? The New York Times? Time magazine? No, the organization trumpeting Clinton’s election was none other than Liberty Lobby, the incredibly lucrative fund-raising operation headquartered just two blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building and the rest of the heart of the federal government.

Of course, anyone who has studied the machinations of Liberty Lobby and its secret boss, Willis Carto, should not be surprised by the above quote, found in the Liberty Lobby 1992 Progress Report. After all, Liberty Lobby also has stated that it threw its full resources behind the candidacy of Ross Perot, the eccentric billionaire used by the Establishment to keep the legitimate third party movement from becoming powerful in the 1992 election.

As most patriots are aware, Perot follows the liberal line on many issues. He believes in gun control, advocates greatly strengthening the IRS, thinks the Constitution should be scrapped, had given many donations to left-wing candidates and causes, and was nominated by none other than George Bush to be a member of the ultra-Establishmentarian Council on Foreign Relations, the main elitist group working to implement world government.

But Willis Carto, through his mouthpiece, the tightly controlled Spotlight newspaper, hailed Perot as a savior and urged Spotlight readers to join Perot’s organization.

Not only does Carto use his Liberty Lobby to promote Establishment candidates, he has been using his lobby as his main weapon in his war, now, incredibly enough, in its third year, to utterly destroy the Populist Party, America’s only nationalist political party.

Some would say Carto’s war against the Populist Party goes back even further, however. While Carto uses his propaganda organs to make the ludicrous claim that Liberty Lobby and the Spotlight support the Populist party, consider Carto’s actual record when it comes to the Populist Party:


Carto starts the Populist Party of the United States and operates it right out of the Liberty Lobby building in Washington. Although the Party took in some one million dollars that year, directly into bank accounts controlled by Carto, Carto, who was the Party’s unelected Treasurer, suddenly demanded almost $300,000 from party coffers to pay for so-called support services. None of the debts suddenly claimed by Carto had been approved by the party’s executive committee in advance, and the party quite reasonably refused to pay Carto the money he demanded. Carto sued the party’s executive committee for the $300,000. The case was eventually thrown out of court, but not before legal costs had forced several members of the executive committee to declare bankruptcy. Carto also sued the party’s 1984 presidential candidate, Bob Richards. Richards had distanced himself from Carto early on. The party’s national chairman, the honest and dedicated Bill Baker, resigned in disgust at Carto’s behavior and the party was quickly destroyed by Carto’s actions.


The Populist Party of America was formed at the national level in 1987.

Although he controls millions of dollars, Carto never gave the struggling Party any money. And Carto gave the Party virtually no support in The Spotlight, especially the Party’s charismatic 1988 presidential candidate, David Duke. In fact, in the Spotlight article covering the Party’s `88 nominating convention, Duke is mentioned in the first paragraph and then is ignored for the rest of the article. That set the tone for The Spotlight’s coverage for the rest of that year’s presidential campaign, with Duke sometimes not being mentioned for months at a time.

By the end of the `88 campaign, most Party leaders had grown weary of Carto and his contrary ways. Matters culminated in March of 1989, when Carto did his best to scuttle the appearance of the two main speakers for that year’s national Convention, David Duke and Governor Evan Mecham of Arizona, and replace them with his personal choice, Eugene McCarthy, the washed-up ultra-liberal former Senator from Minnesota. The Party’s Executive Committee, led by Executive Director Don Wassall, quite understandably stood up to Carto’s destructive actions, and Carto, seeing that the Party no longer would tolerate his style of leadership, withdrew from the Party, writing a vindictive letter which said in part, In my view, the present problem had been caused by Don [Wassall's] rejection of former [sic] liberal senator Gene McCarthy, whom I had scheduled to come for nothing.


In February of 1991 — two years after he had voluntarily left the Party — Carto begins his war against the Populist Party of America.


Carto approaches the Populist Party’s presidential candidate, Bo Gritz, and tries to persuade Gritz to run as a Democrat instead of as a Populist. Tom Valentine, Carto’s radio mouthpiece, also urges patriots to take over the Democratic Party. Gritz refuses, wanting nothing to do with Carto. After seeing the reports Liberty Lobby’s Populist Party had filed with the Federal Election Commission in 1984, Gritz referred to Carto’s 1984 party as a laundering service for Carto, and added that he thought there was criminality involved in the way Carto ran the party into the ground.

Carto responded with a bitter letter to Gritz, warning, Your efforts will positively go for naught. Carto subsequently had several attacks on Gritz in The Spotlight and never a single positive article about his campaign. So, for the third consecutive election, Carto did not support the Populist Party’s presidential candidate.

And, as in 1984, Carto has again sued those who dared to stand up to him. Carto and Liberty Lobby have sued virtually the entire national leadership of the Populist Party for $35 million for libel.

In fact, all the evidence indicates that Carto’s multimillion dollar lobby does little or no lobbying at all. As of the end of 1992, Liberty Lobby had been officially classified as an inactive lobby with the Clerk of the House of Representatives since 1979, despite being located just blocks from Congress and raising many millions of dollars every year.

And, as detailed in the April 1991 Populist Observer, Liberty Lobby for two years claimed that Clint Miller was actively lobbying Congress on behalf of an audit-the-Feb bill. Carto, using the names of his front men, sent out numerous fund-raising letters asking for money to help support Miller’s supposed lobbying, and even carried a two-page interview with Miller in The Spotlight concerning his lobbying activities, when official records filed with the Federal Register show that Miller did not receive a single penny from Liberty Lobby for congressional lobbying during that time period.

In an exposÈ of Carto from 1980, Robert DePugh, founder of the Minutemen and a widely respected leader in the nationalist movement, detailed a Carto operation from 1969, in which Carto sent out tear-jerking letters stating that the Liberty Lobby building was to be taken over by the bank holding the mortgage unless $55,000 was quickly donated. Yet the deed to the property showed that its actual owner was Willis Carto, through one of his other front groups, the Governmental Educational Foundation, Inc. Far from being taken over by the bank, Carto was actually charging Liberty Lobby a reported $6,000 a month in rent. It is quite possible that Carto is still receiving a large amount of money each month from Liberty Lobby supporters in the form of rent.

Carto has most unusual congressional Lobby

Carto’s Liberty Lobby asks its supporters to send the organization money for its lobbying activities, even though it is an inactive lobby, then encourages its supporters to call their Congressmen an tell them to vote a certain way — do Liberty Lobby’s lobbying for it in other words.

Similar to the way Liberty Lobby lobbies is the way it runs its PAC. Introduced in early 1991 — not coincidentally at the same time it began its libelous attacks against the Populist Party — Liberty Letter, the newsletter for Liberty Lobby’s Board of Policy members, asked, Should We Fund Patriots' PAC? while The Spotlight was simultaneously featuring a story entitled Populists Need a PAC to Support America First Candidates. The obvious implication was that Liberty Lobby supporters would be financing a political action committee, the kind that would use the money it raised to make financial contributions to populist-oriented candidates.

In reality, Liberty Lobby’s PAC resembles a real PAC only by the initials it was given. Instead of a Political Action Committee, Carto set up a front group, Populist Action Committee. Since it was not a real PAC even though it was initially promoted as being one (setting up a real PAC is a simple enough matter), Carto’s latest fund-raising gimmick was designed so that it would give no money to candidates, only take in money, in the same manner as Carto’s congressional lobby is run.

Just as it is a most unusual congressional lobby, so does Carto misrepresent how Liberty Lobby is run. While promotional material gives the impression that Liberty Lobby BOP members elect the organization’s officers, who then presumably run the organization, supporters are actually never allowed to elect a treasurer, who just happens to be Willis Carto. Liberty Lobby appears to have no bylaws or constitution; the chairman of Liberty Lobby apparently serves only until Carto feels like making a change and inserting a new front man. Past elected chairmen of Liberty Lobby, such as Gardiner Rogers and Bob Bartell, have been fired when they displeased Carto.

But many activists in the movement are aware of Carto an the reality of his Liberty Lobby. Carto has, for over 30 years, been smearing one right-wing leader in America after another.

Probably only Carto himself can recite the full roster contained on his enemies' list.

Carto has in the past gone by numerous aliases. These include: Keith K. Kenyon, Asgard Hall, E.L. Anderson, Ph.D., Ian Bruce McLeod, Bruce West, and Frank Tompkins. Among the many front groups controlled currently or in the past by Carto are:

  • Liberty Lobby
  • Government Educational Foundation
  • Action Associates
  • Capitol Hill Data Processing Co.
  • United Congressional Appeal
  • American Colonization Society
  • Save Our Schools
  • Americans for National Security
  • National Taxaction
  • C.E.A.S.E.
  • Noontide Press
  • Institute for Historical Review
  • Populist Action Committee
  • Foundation for Economic Liberty

Also interesting is Carto’s recurrent support for some very un-right wing figures. Besides the aforementioned hurrah for Clinton and support for Perot and Gene McCarthy, other Carto associates have included Dick Gregory, the black revolutionary who was a guest speaker at the last Liberty Lobby convention. Carto’s fondness for black revolutionaries goes way back-in 1971 he was identified as a main financial backer of the Black Man’s Liberation Army, headed by Hassan Jeru-Ahmed, whose avowed goal was to liberate white-ruled Rhodesia and South Africa.

Another curious Carto associate is Mark Lane, the far-left attorney who has served as Carto’s main lawyer for years, and who, according to the latest issue of Liberty Bell, is believed to be one of two Jews who survived Jim Jones' massacre in Guyana in 1978. Lane was a prominent freedom rider, one of the gaggle of New York intellectuals who invaded the South in the 1960s to speed up the implementation of the current order of politically correct dictatorship. Besides his hero status in the civil rights movement, Carto’s personal attorney was recently praised by Carto employee Mike Piper as a longtime close associate of Dr. Martin King in a letter attacking Chairman Wassall.

Piper, in fact, has also been echoing Carto’s left wing line is some of his attacks on Wassall. While The Spotlight carries cartoonish black propaganda articles claiming Wassall is an ADL agent, Piper has written several governmental agencies, urging that they investigate Wassall because of his racism. Piper has also attacked The Populist Observer as featuring gutter-level anti-Semitism and racism. And as for Willis Carto, the head of Liberty Lobby, was living when last known in a luxurious condominium in a mostly Jewish neighborhood in Palos Verdes, California.

The Spotlight Practices the Big Lie

The Spotlight itself is filled with endless scoops from almost-always anonymous sources that somehow rarely pan out, although the tabloid goes all-out to hype the few that do. Also common are ridiculous claims — Spotlight Targeted for Liquidation screamed the front-page headline in the January 14, 1991, issue, as the Gulf War was beginning. The story claimed that Pat Buchanan, former State Department official Ramsey Clark, Jesse Jackson, and Mohammed Ali were shortly to be rounded up and placed in concentration camps and The Spotlight destroyed. Two weeks later, The Spotlight claimed that death rays were being used by U.S. forces against the Iraqis.

To give just one recent example of Carto and Spotlight’s black propaganda techniques: Populist Party Chairman Don Wassall has been continuously accused of having dealings with the late David McCalden, whom Carto now calls an ADL agent. In reality, McCalden was the originator of the Institute for Historical Review, along with Carto, in the late 1970s. The two subsequently had a falling out, and Carto began branding him an ADL agent, as he has branded other of his foes, and now, of course, anyone who ever talked to McCalden is also an ADL agent according to The Spotlight. In Wassall’s case, the smear is even more ridiculous because he never met or had dealings with McCalden.

It became obvious to many over the years that the John Birch Society was corrupt at the top. This does not detract from the many fine people who supported the organization. Such is also the case with Liberty Lobby. Its supporters include some of the best of America’s patriots. But just because Liberty Lobby has taken anti-Zionist positions in the past does not mean that it is immune from the same forces of corruption and subversion that afflict the JBS. Both organizations date from the 1950s (according to more than one report, Carto started the Liberty Lobby by stealing the Birch Society’s mailing list), and both are ineffective at best.

The tax-exempt Liberty Lobby, which raises $5 million or more each year, could well be the largest political organization in the United States after the Republican National Committee and the Democratic National Committee. Yet it is practically invisible, and spends an inordinate amount of time and money trying to destroy the Populist Party.

With the kind of money Liberty Lobby raises, the Populist Party could buy blocs of television time on the major networks, pump large sums of money into the campaigns of its candidates, and in other ways shake up the system in dramatic ways. Yet Liberty Lobby bragged in its 1992 Progress Report that it was featured in one article in the Chicago Tribune. That was it for the entire election year of 1992. And Liberty Lobby listed this one news article about it for all of 1992 under the heading High Profile in its progress report.

The sad truth is that Liberty Lobby sucks up much if not most of the money in the patriotic movement, year after year, decade after decade, and remains virtually unknown, accomplishing very little, but for 30 years its shadowy controller has been smearing leaders of the patriotic movement. It’s far past time that Willis Carto be brought to account for his actions.