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How I became involved in the Carto-IHR dispute

by Harvey A. Taylor

For many years now, I have believed that essential facts about the outbreak and course of World War II have been hidden from the public, and that the results of this suppression and deceit are catastrophic for our country and the world.

Almost daily we are reminded of the alleged brutality of Europeans. Our children are subjected to endless guilt propaganda. Control of the past is in the hands of a small, anti-European group. The United States has become the principal enemy of European and Euro-American interests, and our domestic and foreign policy is captive to a Middle East mini-state.

Since it’s founding, I have regarded the Institute for Historical Review as an important forum for debunking the court historian version of history. I attended the first IHR conference in 1979, and every conference since. When I ran for US Congress in 1980, I publicly stated that the alleged Hitler homicidal gas chambers were fictional.

Several years ago, at the close of an IHR conference, Willis Carto took me aside for a minute to ask if I would be willing to serve as a member of the Board of Directors of the IHR’s parent corporation, Legion for the Survival of Freedom (LSF). He asked me this in a casual way, and I never heard any more from him about the matter.

In September 1993, I learned that Willis Carto’s association with the IHR had been terminated. I then learned, for the first time, that an American-born woman named Jean Farrel had bequeathed a large sum of money to the IHR’s parent corporation (LSF) to further the work of the IHR. I also learned that Willis Carto, acting as agent for the LSF, had gained control of the Farrel bequest.

I further learned that Carto claimed that the LSF Board of Directors had voted to turn over the Farrel estate bequest to him. Carto cites minutes of a Board meeting held on March 5, 1991, as a key authority for his disposition of LSF/IHR assets from the Farrel estate. According to these minutes, the LSF board resolved not to accept the funds from the estate of Miss Jean Farrel, but instead directed the funds to a suitable independent organization, apparently a reference to Liberty Lobby or other Carto-controlled entities.

In fact, this Board meeting never took place, and these purported minutes are fraudulent.

According to these minutes, I am one of the four persons who took part in this meeting. In fact, I did not participate in that meeting, or any other LSF board meeting prior to October 1993 (that is, after Carto’s association was ended). Thomas Kerr, another supposed participant in that March 5, 1991, board meeting has confirmed that he did not participate in any LSF board meeting prior to September 1993.

Carto’s deceit is also shown by the fact that he also arranged for the fabrication of minutes of an alternate LSF board meeting that supposedly took place on that same day and at that same time. In the minutes of this alternate Board meeting, there is no mention of the Farrel estate. According to the alternate minutes, Jack Riner participated in an LSF board meeting on March 5, 1991. In fact, Jack Riner did not participate in any LSF board meeting prior to September 1993.

I never voted to turn over the Farrel estate bequest to Carto, or anyone else. Any statement to the contrary is a lie.

I have tried to help arrange a peaceful settlement of the Carto-IHR dispute. Twice during 1994 I contacted Carto by telephone and urged him to meet with the IHR staff and LSF directors, myself included, to resolve the dispute. Carto would not cooperate, and my efforts were unsuccessful. Later the Board of Directors, myself included, directed the IHR staff to take legal action to recover the Farrel estate bequest.

Now Carto’s attorney says that Carto has spent all but a tiny fraction of the $7. 5 million from the Farrel estate. Carto arranged for only $250,000 to be turned over to the LSF/IHR (and that in the form of a loan), to further the work of the IHR. He refuses to provide an accounting of his disposition of Farrel estate funds.

Carto has also repeatedly accused the LSF Board of Directors of being under the control of the Zionist ADL. This director is not controlled by anyone or any organization!

I can confirm that every LSF director supports the traditional mission of the IHR, particularly regarding the infamous holocaust story.

I am writing this to help set straight the record about the Carto-IHR dispute. I personally affirm that one key document cited by Carto to justify his disposition of LSF assets is a fraud. Carto has lied about me, as he has about many others. He has arrogantly used me to further his own interests.

The IHR remains as committed as ever to its traditional mission. It is under the control of the LSF Board of Directors, and is subject to strict financial accountability. Only one member of the Board of Directors receives compensation from the LSF, and he serves as a full-time member of the staff. All other Directors serve without compensation.

As a result of Carto’s barrage of false accusations, especially in The Spotlight, and his lawsuits, the Institute for Historical Review is in dire financial straits. I urge you to give us your financial support. Together we can insure that our children are liberated!

Harvey A. Taylor <harveyt793@aol.com>
PO Box 173