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Willis Carto’s letter to a SPOTLIGHT supporter (date unknown)

Liberty Lobby
300 Independence Avenue, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20003

from the desk of --

Willis A. Carto

Dear William [Parsche]:

Thank you very much for the $100 bill and sorry I haven’t written before. I’ll apply it on your pledge account as an extra contribution.

I talked to Jeff Hawkins the other day and he says that the young kid went back to Florida. So he’s out of your hair now.

Seems as if your main problem now is how to get Threkeld off your property. Jeff says that Threkeld says that he paid you $40 thousand and he wants his miney back or something. I don’t understand it but I hope your lawyer does and you can get the sheriff to move him out. And that you are able to find a buyer. It is a shame that you have to go through all this again.

Now if you want, I might be able to arrange for a couple of tough guys to visit the son of a bitch and move him off and out. If you want this, tell me.

I’m on my way to Washington this weekend so please drop me a line there and mention you got this letter.


[signed] Willis Carto