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Willis Carto’s letter to an LSF board member (1/25/2001)

Liberty Lobby

300 Independence Avenue, S.E.
Washington, D.C. 20003

from the desk of --

Willis A. Carto

[stamped] JAN 25 2001

Dear _____:

Our brief conversation this morning leaves me in a state of confusion. How can you forget that the IHR, up until October, 1993, could not have been doing better? I was directing operations and Weber, Marcellus (who, incidentally is the one who vetoed me offering you a job), Raven and O’Keefe, not to mention the crook, Hulsy. The IHR and the Journal were doing incredibly well, even against the heaviest opposition in the world. They CONSPIRED together IN SECRET, while collecting good salaries, to take over because they thought there was a lot of money in it for them. That was 1993, Jack, 7½ years ago. I at the time did everything I could to keep this from any publicity. The Record shows this. They did not care. These swine wrecked the IHR — that I built up over 13 years — with NO SALARY. I even gave the IHR over $800,000 from the Farrel estate — the rest went to LIBERTY LOBBY’s radio project. All this is document. How can you possibly not know after all this treachery that Mark Weber is a confirmed liar? Even his wife says so and everyone with any experience knows this. In 1993 he spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on the phone to everyone he could think of telling them lies about me to prepare for the criminal coup they made. to blame me for this is crazy. WHAT DID I DO WRONG? All I did was to literally create the IHR and the Journal and the int’l conferences and paid these treacherous parasites to do the work that I laid out for them. Then to have you blame me for things that happened AFTER they pulled a stunt that is hard to beat for pure treachery is amazing! I don’t get it.

They started it, not me, for God’s sake! How can you miss that? I was going along building the IHR/NOONTIDE PRESS and they sabotaged it. As a result, over 7 years have been lost, and revisionism has been severely retarded If a man has no integrity, like Weber et al, he can only cause harm.


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