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Willis Carto, Lying to SPOTLIGHT readers — again (5/21/2001)

Dear _________________ [name deleted]

[stamped] May 12 2001

It always amazes me that some revisionists do not understand the heavy nature of this business. Hundred of billions of dollars ride on the Holocaust. To think that the profiteers from this business would not try to destroy or control those who would take away their profit is madness. And with unlimited resources at their control, how could they fail bu to use whatever may be at hand, including intelligence agencies? anyone who can't realize this should spend his time attending poetry readings and forget about what is happening in this world.

I am sending this letter to a small group of personal friends. Perhaps I will publish it later.

It is now closing in on 8 (eight) years since I was dispossessed of the Institute for Historical Review after spilling my life’s blood on it for 14 years. At that time, it was evident that the major actor in this crime had to be Scientology.

The evidence couldn't be more clear. Marcellus had to be acting under orders from his church. But why would they perpetuate this outrage? They had no legitimate gripe against me or historical revisionism. Personally, I had always been supportive of the group because of their then-extreme opposition to the IRS. I considered Scientology a political ally, not realizing that their opposition to the IRS was totally conditioned by their failure to get the tax exemption they desired above all else.

Even the fact that Scientology received its exemption on the very same date, Oct. 1, 1993, that the coup against me became irrevocable did not seem completely satisfactory. (The odds against two unrelated events happening on the same day in one year are 133,225 to 1.) I felt that a lot was happening behind the scenes that I did not understand. For want of a better explanation, I inserted the ADL and the CIA into the scenario, but only because of the pure logic of cui bono.

About six weeks ago I finally decided to have a private investigator check it out. The man is nationally known and has great experience. The main thing I wanted was confirmation of Greg Raven’s connection to Scientology as an agent.

Two weeks ago he reported back to me with something I did not expect. He said that I was wrong about the CIA involvement. He told me that Scientology is a Mossad operation, not CIA.

He had gleaned this information from other informants; of course, nameless to me. He was very certain and hinted that I have reason to watch my security.

This impelled me to do some cross checking. Here is what I found, and it is as evident and crystal clear as the English language. Note the attached sheet.

This is the legal legend that Scientology prints unobtrusively in every issue of their periodicals, and no doubt in all of their publications. It is printed in three or four point type and is undoubtedly missed and unread by virtually all readers. It is of the greatest importance. What it says is that Scientology is literally owned by a corporation titled Religious Technology Center, Inc.

Now, what is RTC? It is a totally separate entity from Scientology. Its legal address is a mail drop at 419 Larchmont Ave., Box #162, Los Angeles, a little shop called Village Mail Call. Except for one, the directors of RTC are not even Scientologists. They are Jews, mostly lawyers, including Steven Lenske, Sherman Lenske, Meade Emory, Leon Misterek, Norman F. Starkey and Lawrence E. Heller, formerly of Turner, Gerstenfeld, Wilk, Tigeman & Heller and now with Heller & Edwards, Santa Monica.

Heller is a longtime lawyer for Scientology. He is also the lawyer who represented Mel Mermelstein in his second suit against the IHR. Thanks to the fairest judge Mark Lane ever practiced before, Stephen Lachs, Mel took a big fall. Heller was so angry that he temporarily lost his mind. He and co-counsel Peter Bersin loudly challenged Mark Lane to a fight in the courtroom after they lost. (see Mike Piper’s book, Best Witness, for details.)

The above facts make it very clear. Scientology has been taken over by an internal coup d' etat (something like what happened at the IHR) after L. Ron Hubbard’s wife was framed and jailed and L. Ron himself disappeared. At that time this very wealthy organization was captured by David Miscavige and his allies, including Lawrence Heller, etc. and his outside group of lawyers. All this is confirmed by Internet sites www.clever.net/webwerkes/veritas/index.htm and www.skeptictank.org, Operation Clambake, FACTNet and others.

As old Ben Freedman said, Facts are Facts. The only possible interpretation of the facts above is that the IHR is a captive of Mr. Heller and his associates, the same as Scientology, and they represent the Mossad. Now, all ambiguities are cleared up.

As for Weber, Pricilla, his former wife, notes that he, formerly Catholic, became hostile to the church about there years ago, refusing to attend mass and began displaying to her his large collection of interracial pornography. She believes it quite possible that Raven converted Weber to Scientology.

One more thing, in case you have any doubt. The IHR is totally run and controlled by Raven. How do I know? Because all the legal decisions are made by him, never by Weber, who is completely bypassed. The actual scenario is, whenever Bryan Sampson, the IHR collections lawyer, wants a decision, he calls Greg Raven. After a short interlude — long enough for Raven to make a telephone call — Raven calls back and Sampson will tell my lawyer Raven’s decision.

A strategy for control must include backing both sides. Most large corporations back both Republican and Democrats. The CIA has a history of backing both sides in banana republics. Why wouldn't the most skiled and experienced and powerful political operatives in world history not realize the advantages of controlling their enemy? For generations, they have effectively cut off all natural national leadership in the U.S. They have done so by infiltration into our ranks and neutralizing all natural leadership.

I will be grateful to receive anything you may have to counteract these facts. Until they are refuted, the conclusion is clear: the IHR, like Scientology, is controlled by the Mossad through the Religious Technology Center, Inc. and its Zionist operators.



Willis A. Carto

P.S. I do not mean by the above to exculpate Andrew Allen, who has been closely involved in the plot to take over the IHR since I fired David McCalden, in 1982 or '83. He has bragged that he is responsible for the coup. Very recently he made an offer of employment to a certain person to work for the IHR, so he is still very much involved. Allen is documented as a free-lance agent for the CIA. In the nature of things, would such a person reject the opportunity to pick up a few dollars from the Mossad?

The below is reprinted from International Scientology News magazine issue No. 16, released in May, 2001 by Church of Scientology International, 6331 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 801, Los Angeles, CA 90028-6300. It is printed on page 47 at the bottom in extremely light 4-point type. This message appears on all official Scientology publications. It proves that Scientology is owned by Religious Technology Center, Inc.

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