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Notes from the Nut-hatch — May 29, 2001

Willis Carto’s idea of a settlement offer

FROM: WAC 746 0670
PHONE NO. : 6197464842
May 29 2001 10:03AM

[stamp] May 29 2001

  1. Proof of Allen’s authority required which may be either letter from Sampson or copy of resolution of the LSF signed by majority of members.
  2. Immediate cancelation of all discovery vs the Cartos and lifting of mail diversion by Lennon for Cartos and Furrs.
  3. As late as four days ago Raven was still bragging about the alleged criminal violation in Switzerland that the police authorities are investigating. This was supposed to have been quashed or ceased over a year ago. We need immediate proof that it has been stopped permanently.
  4. Debtor will immediately deposit sum of $100,000 in a condominium escrow account of Allen & Urtnowski or the D.C. Bankruptcy court escrow or trust or registry under the condition it is payable to creditor upon conclusion of settlement.
  5. The following proposal must be consummated prior to the June 6 hearing scheduled in Washington before Judge Teel. As we expect him to reconfirm the original settlement agreement naming the agreed amount as $1.2 million we cannot at this time offer more than that less our pmts. on the settlement of $515,000, or $685,000.
  6. If Judge Teel does not confirm the original settlement then the whole situation must be evaluated and another settlement proposal agreed to by the two parties.
  7. The total payment we can agree to at this date is $685,000 less the immediate payment of $100,000 (see paragraph 5), or 585,000 paid under either of the following two options:
    1. Both parties retain a New Jersey lawyer for the purpose of procuring the Kefer estate as soon as possible, and to petition for a partial disbursement immediately of $585,000 to finalize the settlement. If the Kefer estate is less than that amount (considered unlikely) then debtor to pay balance @ $15,000 mo. Parties to share costs equally.
    2. Debtor to pay the sum of $15,000 each month until paid with the understanding that if the Kefer estate is paid out, the creditor will be paid immediately up to the amount owing at the time.
  8. Both parties agree:
    1. Debtor to dismiss with prejudice the Lanham Act suit in D.C.
    2. Mark Weber leaves LSF board.
    3. Gregory Douglas, Germar Rudolf and Andrew Gray to go on LSF board.
    4. Gregory Douglas and Andrew Gray on debtor’s board.
    5. No mention forevermore of Weber or Raven in The SPOTLIGHT.
    6. LSF (Raven + Weber) remove from Internet all invidious material re Carto, LL, or SPOTLIGHT or The Barnes Review.
    7. The SPOTLIGHT to publish announcement of the settlement agreed to for the sake of solidarity and mutual respect of the other’s efforts and activities.