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More Sophistry from Willis Carto — 9/16/2001

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Thousands Killed; Many More Missing in Brutal Attacks

  • The people behind the recent terrible act of terrorism that took the lives of thousands of innocent people should be brought to justice. As with any investigation, a good place to start is by asking: who benefits from this heinous crime?
Exclusive to American Free Press
By W. A. Carto

There is no better method to find a criminal than cui bono, the ancient Roman legal principle, meaning Who benefits? This principle is as important to the problem of discovering the criminals behind the day of terrorism, Sept. 11, as it is in a simple murder case.

If the deed was the responsibility of any Arab or Muslim group, then the motive was pure hatred of the United States. And why do they hate us so? Any one should know the answer to that question; it is because of the totally one-sided policy of this nation in regard to the conflict between the artificial nation of Israel — an American creation-and its neighbors.

But if there is a more pragmatic motive for the horrible crime — for example, to induce even stronger support of Israel, even more money for that pampered nation, even more military support — then the whole picture abruptly changes.

The pet culprit of the mass media is a little character hiding out in a cave somewhere in Afghanistan — Osama bin Laden. This man-- according to the media — is so powerful, wealthy, well-connected and smart that he was able to bring together hundreds of skilled technicians and faultlessly execute one of the most devastating military strikes of all time, and to do it without being detected in advance by any of this nation’s intelligence agencies or the Mossad-the Israeli intelligence and action arm that is known to have its spies infiltrated into every anti-Israel group in the world.

Veteran FBI agent Ted Gunderson told American Free Press:

There is no way that our U.S. intelligence did not know about this strike in advance. To skyjack four or five planes at the same time and have each gang of skyjackers operating precisely on schedule and with coordinated instructions would take 70 to 100 people involved at the least. Our intelligence and the Mossad would have to know about this in advance.


Judging from the bombing of the Oklahoma City federal building, every honest student knows very well that not only the FBI but the CIA, BATF, the Mossad and sundry undercover groups knew about it in advance. This subject was copiously covered and discussed by the former Spotlight newspaper as well as by experts, including Gen. Ben Partin, Hoppy Heidelberg and bomb ing survivor V. Z. Lawton at the Second Barnes Review International Conference on Authentic History and the First Amendment last June. (Video and audio tapes of their presentations are available from The Barnes Review. Call 1-877-773-977 for details.)

The Sept. 11 terror was a much bigger event than the Oklahoma City bombing and far more people had to be involved. Did the CIA-Mossad know about it in advance? If they did, why did they not prevent the horrible crime? Is it because they very well knew what the political results would be-an escalation of America’s all-out sup port of Israel?


Everyone — even pro-Zionists — are aware that Ariel Sharon, Israel’s prime minister, is capable of the most atrocious and heinous terrorism. This war criminal is generally recognized as a ruthless leader whose history shows that he stops at nothing to attain his ends. Would he be capable of such murderous treachery against the best ally of Israel if it would gain him even greater support from that blindly loyal ally?

As responsible observers have been repeating for al most a century, America’s internationalist policy has brought nothing but disaster to this once-great and once-proud nation, and it will continue to bring the same. The people of America are under the sway of evil forces which use our strength and credulity to waste us, trash our heritage and murder our future. Our enemies are powerful and control the rest of the media, Congress and the president. As our country reels from disaster to disaster like a confirmed drunk, we seek repair by drinking more of the same poison that has caused our distress.

May God help America.