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More Sophistry from Willis Carto — 9/26/2001

Did Israelis Have Foreknowledge?

Odd Occurrences Suggest Mideast Nation Knew of Attack Beforehand. Just Follow the Money & You’ll Figure it Out

America’s naïve support of the international policies of the plutocratic elite is paving the way to the Global Plan tation.

Exclusive to American Free Press
By W. A. Carto

Lawrence Dennis, the great populist theoretician, predicted war in early 1941, simply on his honest observation of economics. War was necessary, he counseled, in order to rejuvenate the periodic failing American economy with huge injections of borrowed Federal Re serve money and to create prosperity for Roosevelt and his gang of politicians, bankers and other assorted public spirited journalists and idealists.

Well, you know what happened. Al though it was none of our business what Japan did in China, FDR demanded that Japan cease its expansion. In response, Japan struck Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. The America First Committee disbanded on the following day and the wildest spending spree in history began. To cheers from the taxpayers, American men marched off, with flags flying and bands blaring to the music of full employment.

In that war, 292,131 of them died and many times that number were wounded, including this writer, who can testify that few if any of them had the foggiest notion of what they were fighting for although they were all convinced that they were fighting against sin in general.

The so-called national debt (the number of dollars that kindly bankers create to lend to the taxpayers who feel it is almost sacrilegious to question why private bankers should be paid constantly-escalating interest on loans made from thin air) rose from $42.96 billion to $292.42 billion from 1941 to 1946. Since then, in peacetime, (never mind the constant state of war we dote on) the national debt has risen 20 times that figure and the interest from some $18 billion per year to well over $300 billion in this peacetime economy, or about $1,500 per taxpayer.

Since 1917, American statesmen have found it necessary to roam widely around the globe in search of sin to correct, as the sinners in Korea, Vietnam, Panama, Iraq, Serbia, Sudan and even Grenada will testify. Every person in the world has been touched by this crusade and millions of them touched so roughly that their moldering bones are the evidence. But America’s debt-prosperity has fulfilled the requirements of the bankers and politicians with no hindrance from the dumb newspaper-reading taxpayers.


Although we will not go so far as to say that the horrific disaster of Sept. 11 was plotted by Alan Greenspan, Lehman Brothers and Goldman Sachs, it has indeed fulfilled the traditional purpose and America, once again, is on a war footing, even though this time the enemy appears to be not a nation of millions but a little man presumably cowering in a cave somewhere in Afghanis tan. Amid resounding patriotic speeches, flying flags and marching men, the reserves have been called up and-best of all-billions of dollars in new taxes will be laid on the backs of cheering taxpayers to feed the insatiable appetite of the equally happy bankers and their obedient pets in Congress.

Few of the happy folks joining in with this spirited and patriotic acclaim seem to realize that war is the biggest cause of socialism-which Dennis called fascism. War always brings with it bigger and more oppressive government and more bureaucrats with an attitude, many of them heavily armed with the latest in crowd-unfriendly weaponry, including flame throwers, tanks, battering rams, little robots that wheel up to homes and blast them while the bureaucrats hide safely behind steel shields, laser weapons, poison gas and a fearless determination to waste as many recalcitrant citizens as possible in carrying out their patriotic duty for the New World Order.

Few if any wish to name the enemy of this self-destructive syndrome — it is us. So long as Americans continue to support the international policies of their betters, so long will their country continue to go to Hell. No more need be said.