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From: Elisabeth Carto
Sent: Monday, July 22, 2002 3:39 AM
Subject: Revisionism Doom

Dear Fredrick [Töben]:

Reading all of the thousands of words now being generated in the matter revisionism being doomed, which [Robert] Faurisson started, let us not forget to ask these pertinent questions first of all: Are revisionists better off now than they were before October 1993? Since they are not, why?

Bleating about the total media control by Zionists of the Jewish question is simply a cop out now.

The Institute of Historical Review was the most important vehicle for revisionism world-wide before the criminal take-over, at gun point, by Weber and Raven. Nobody mentions these facts now and revisionism seems to be going nowhere. The plan to destroy the institute and Willis Carto, it’s founder and also everything he built in 40 years of trying to expose the enemies of Western Civilization, brought to an end what was a thriving, competent attempt. At least Willis Carto spent all the money he raised from wonderful patriots on this one object: offset, via alternative media, the lies that have permeated our society and destroyed our once dominant culture i.e. The Western Civilization. That it is in it’s last throes no one with a fair mind can deny now.

For 40 years Willis Carto was the pet hate of the ADL, hardly a copy of their Bulletin went out without attacking this in their words most influential anti-Semite in the world. Calling now for greater effort to educate the masses is a joke. A wonderful institute, journal and a newspaper were doing that exactly until October l993. No one can deny that Willis Carto published more information to expose historical lies and distortions than anyone else for 40 plus years. He certainly has the enemies to prove it.

Here comes Faurisson with his belated message, never admitting that he had his share in the destruction of the revisionist movement because of this blind beliefs in the truthfulness of one Mark Weber. Those who do not want to hear about Weber’s deceit, and Faurisson is one of them as well as Butz, are simply lying to themselves.

Willis Carto caused hundreds of books to be published, millions of newspapers to be distributed and great conferences to be held until the traitorous takeover in 1993. In case people forget, this take-over was justified by Weber and Faurisson because Carto was going to turn the Journal into a racist, Nazi rag. Events since have proven this to be a lie. He believed then and does still does, that everything abouth the holocaust had been researched, not much new material would be generated and it was now simply a matter of publicising and promoting the findings, literally marketing the facts. A more diversified Journal would be up to the task much better . He is now called a gangster by Faurisson, one who stole millions from the institute and caused it’s ruin. Yet, we have letters to and from Faurisson which make it absolutely clear what Willis Carto had in mind. The racist charges have given way now to other lies, money, money, money. . The Institute was totally financed by money raised by Willis Carto. Even the famous bequest that they are howling about, was brought in by him and spent on media information projects as wished by the donor, in addition to turning large amounts over to the IHR. All this was proven at trial in 1996.

When the take-over occurred in l993, IHR working accounts contained almost $100,000 which the conspirators then used to destroy themselves with. At that time Willis had 20 book titles lined up ready to be printed, the Degrelle series was being worked on for example .It was killed by Ted O’Keefe, the savior of the IHR Journal in 2001. O’Keefe wrote a letter to Gen.Degrelles dismantling the project after the take-over, because the General was a plagiarist according to O’Keefe in this infamous letter to the General in l994.

Why can these so-called seekers of truth like Faurisson and Butz not admit that they never tried to ask Willis Carto what the truth is. They, in their infinite wisdom, decided to accept all the lies printed and spoken by the conspirators, never even having the decency to want to find out the truth.

If revisionism is doomed than because of the destruction set in motion in October 1993. The take-over was a planned attack on the most important revisionist movement in the world at that time and it was done by insiders. Their egos played a role as well as the influence of people like Andrew Allen who pulled everyone’s strings to get this done, financed by Zionists. Willis Carto is an expert on publishing and disseminating material, he had to be stopped at all cost.

It is truly sickening to me to have to read the inane statements and the intellectual dishonesty of these prophet of doom now, they were precisely the fools who set this in motion. Blaming Willis Carto is easy, blaming themselves would show true character, worthy of white men they profess to be. Or are they?

I think you’ve got an interesting debate going regarding the Christianity question. It will not succeed either, all the words in the world cannot combat the misconceptions of hundreds of years in this regard. Calling for a renewal of one’s own spiritual background echoes well with me, but what does the average Joe know of this, as long as his pastor tells him otherwise? Seems the me that the bible has always been used to prove all sides of an issue, but now we have the holocaust religion to content with and perhaps the bible will become obsolete, buried by the daily media onslaught to persuad us all to become believers of this new religion. If, as some of your correspondents believe, the bible is being judaized and the original scipture destroyed by distortions, then perhaps that is a good thing?! I like Horst Mahler’s intellectual honesty but am afraid that the German spirit is broken to a point of no return. The older generation is dying off, their offspring is brainwashed by educators and/or just plain old TV. Remember, South Africa had banned all TV until the 1980s . When Apartheid was under final onslaught, TV was brought into homes to finish the job.

Taking on the so-called holocaust of the Jews is task enough for a man’s lifetime, Christianity will survive but the holocaust myth may die. The Zionists even now are downplaying events in that regard, their political control is such that they do not have to continue to defend attacks on that myth. I believe we will see less of that propaganda vehicle. These attacks will instead be put into the hands of all those good, misguided Christian souls who occupy the pulpits.

Take care, my best wishes to you!

Elisabeth Carto

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