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From: Elisabeth Carto <quail@wwdb.cc
Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 11:30:17 -0500
Subject: More IHR lies

Dear Fredrick;

I received a few e-mail message after my reply to you re: doom of revisionism. I found the one that Harvey Taylor sent to a Mr. Mueller very interesting. He has not been truthful from the day of the armed take-over of the IHR by Weber in 1993. Harvey, whom my husband put on the board of the IHR parent company, Legion for the Survival of Freedom, had taken Weber’s side early on at the time of the coup. In October 1993 he professed to have Willis Carto’s interest at heart as much as that of the IHR and yet, all the time he was giving us this assurance, he had already encouraged Weber to get Carto. We have memos and correspondence to that effect which I would gladly supply to anyone who asks . Also correspondence from Faurisson that should be revealing as to who did what to destroy the IHR. Faurrison forgets that he took money from the gangster ( as he calls Willis now) Carto after he was fined heavily in France in 1991. Yes, the Farrel bequest was used to pay fines, how easily we forget.

Harvey lies when he says that Willis Carto did not testify at the trial in Vista, Ca. in 1996. Willis and I both testified, Judge Maino choose to believe Harvey’s and Weber’s lies. We did not think that these lies could be sustained by them but the court was pre-disposed to get rid of Willis Carto. Harvey Taylor could not remember any conversations he had with Willis or me. We had met him by accident in a hotel near LA airport. I talked to him for almost an hour and most certainly told him about a large bequest that came into Willis Carto’s control. He told me that whatever Willis did, he knew that it would be good for the cause and IHR. Later that evening he spoke with Willis from room to room, I was there and actually asked Willis not to disturb Harvey (it was around 11 pm that Willis arrived) but he called his room because he hoped to meet with Harvey. Harvey was flying out LAX next morning and they did not meet in person but spoke on the phone. Willis told him the good news, just as I had. In court in 1996 Harvey remembered nothing! He did recall vaguely speaking to me at a hotel but that was all. This is selective memory.

The Farrel estate was left to Willis Carto' s control which was shown in many letters that he exchanged with the donor. We also had personal visits with Jean Farrel, she knew nothing about Harvey Taylor, Weber, Raven or anybody at the IHR except Marcellus whom she had met once. He sent her vitamins, I have a copy of his letter to her. All correspondence re: the planning of her bequest was made with Willis and me . She never even knew Weber who was not attached to IHR at all or the unspeakable criminal Raven who threatened to shoot me in the forehead in October 1993. She would have been horrified had she known in whose hands the IHR ended up. We have reams of correspondence to back up Willis, Harvey Taylor did not attend a board meeting he says but does he attend board meetings now to sanctify Webers incompetence? Willis always had contact with all board members on a casual basis, that is the way they wanted it too. To be asked by Willis Carto to be a board member to them meant that he did all the work, not they. They knew he guided the IHR and had been for 15 years, successfully. Minutes of board meetings can be written after a matter has been discussed informally. None of these so-called friends of IHR and Willis Carto questioned anything, no one wanted to work as Willis Carto did. They saw his effectiveness and approved.

In Sept. l993 Weber illegally wrote minutes of a board meeting, took it to Tom Kerr, a Board member who lived in San Diego, near the IHR offices, and convinced him to sign the minutes, lying to Tom that he was the only member of the Board when in fact there 7 members. The majority of these later took Willis Carto’s side in court proceedings but the court ignored their testimony.

These minutes then gave Weber control to put Andrew Allen, Fritz Berg and John Curry on the board in order to throw off Willis Carto’s control and guidance of IHR. Tom Kerr, together with me, within weeks filed with the California Superior Court to have his signature on these fake minutes rescinded but the Judge simply ruled that the corporation should sort this out, in effect sanctioning Weber’s illegal act. Harvey Taylor later confirmed by his vote that he agreed to this illegality after he was worked over by Weber. All the time Weber had maintained that the only Board member was Tom Kerr until this was taken to court. Harvey sanctioned Weber all the way after the fact.

Harvey Taylor had many chances to settle this matter in the name of the IHR, as recently as in the spring of this year. He basically seems to lack control over Weber or the other members. If he did, he would have concluded matter when Willis Carto and Liberty Lobby had paid IHR close to a million dollars. Harvey has control now? Let him do the right thing for a change or is he not allowed to? He closed down Liberty Lobby and The Spotlight in June of 2001 and he took our house from us in March of this year yet he thinks he can remain untouched by the smell of corruption. He is not an honest man if he cannot face himself with the truth.

Let us not forget that Willis Carto was not accused or convicted in any court whatsoever of any crime at all. Even Judge Main who did the bidding of the destroyers ruled that there was no crime committed. Just a misunderstanding as to who could dispense the money! Ruling as he did he knew that this would destroy Willis' work, the goal since the takeover of l993. However, we all are still here, doing what needs to be done, successfully.

Those who think this is the rehashing of an old situation do not know the IHR destroyers are still at work, trying even now, as I write this, to continune their assault to close down and collect, of course. Their collection agent is a former Mossad agent, does this mean anything to anyone out there that still supports the Weber gang? The only way to stop Willis Carto is to destroy him and this is and has been the object of Weber and his handlers.

Take care, glad you keep working too in spite of everything!

Elisabeth Carto

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