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From: Elisabeth Carto
Sent: Monday, July 29, 2002 7:44 AM
Subject: Tell Truth

Harvey Taylor:

You have gone out of your way, long before the 1996 trial before Judge Maino to do as much damage as you could to destroy Willis Carto and, shortsightedly, Liberty Lobby and the IHR. In hindsight it is easy to bemoan the fact that you never attended a directors meeting. In court, I believe you testified that you did not know that you were a director. Yet, when Weber asked you to get Carto in fall of l993, you were perfectly willing to do so immediately. Was it the fact that suddenly money was involved? Willis Carto had handled the affairs of the Legion for the Survival of Freedom from l966 on. He paid the $20,000. debt of the defunct entity, yes, Harvey, with his own money. Why were you so eager to take it away from Willis Carto in l993, but never lifted a finger financially in all the years you were a groupie? I remember you once donated $100. when the Mermelstein case came to trial in l991. This is the most that I recall you ever gave at any one time. People like you suck the life of men like Willis, you always talk a good game but never offer to do more than that.

You ignore the fact that all board members that Willis asked to be added to the board were always approved by LaVonne Furr. She and Willis rescued the Legion in 1966 or it would never have existed all. Neither she nor Willis nor I for that matter were ever paid for our services. We were not interested in money for ourselves but struggled for years to continue the work for the sake of the cause of truth in history and later, revisionism.

When the IHR was burned down in 1984 by the Zionists, did you offer to take it out of the ashes to make it whole or were you quite happy to let Willis Carto do it? When our home was firebombed and vandalized and the office being shot into, did you come to our aid then? Of course not, you like many others knew that Willis was there, always taking on all responsibilities that you thought so highly of.

Then, suddenly you let Weber convince you that Willis Carto was wrong, he secured money for the IHR and then insisted to spend it on causes that we all had worked for to benefit all of our supporters. The leeches of the IHR would have spent it on themselves, which can be proven now. Willis Carto never was paid a dime and neither was I. The Farrel bequest was given to Willis, not to you or Weber or Andrew Allen. We have many letters from Jean Farrel that proves this. It was her intent to have Willis distribute the money. He was the one to suggest to her to use the IHR as a vehicle to do so, he could have asked her to leave Liberty Lobby the money. It was all the same to him and also to Jean Farrel, she trusted Willis to do the right thing and he did. Even Maino found no fraudulent intent, he simply said to give it back, 11 years after Jean Farrel’s death. The money was distributed in 1991 and l992 and that was the end of it.

What you have done since is inexcusable and I can only assume that you do it out of personal vengeance although why you are so vengeful I do not know. You have not been honest with us, I don’t care how pure you want to appear now. This orgy of hatred of Willis Carto has to stop, it has simply come down to money, a shabby excuse. I believe that you and others are enraged because you did not get to spend it. What has happened to the money your board received from the settlement of Liberty Lobby? Or the sale of our home of 20 years? Do you know and do you care? You have placed Raven in total control of the affairs of the IHR, handling all the legal matter also. He is not a director nor an officer, why give him all that power? Does he ask you when to buy a paper clip? Or when he chooses to break settlements or maligns Willis Carto in the most dispicable ways on the internet? Do you take responsibility for that as a Director? What powers have you given this man? Seems to me you are only a yes-man.

How about Weber getting Tom Kerr to believe that only he was a director ? Weber knew that there were a total of 7 directors, after driving the Furrs of the board with threat, he knew that 5 directors remained, You, Jack Riner, Tom Kerr, Sam Dickson and N. Merrihew. The last two were attorneys, they certainly knew they were board members. How come you never remember anything? In l993 you approved Weber’s lies and tricks against Tom Kerr within days. Conversations about money, when convenient not to remember, you can’t recall.

Why not ever try to settle this in a reasonable way? Why sign a settlement with LL and us, collect over $600,000. and then negate it, now wanting $5,000 000? You know and your associates know that no such money can ever be paid. We are all pauperized by this but you continue to haunt us. Why is this? Willis Carto is accused of not informing the board of the money but yet, you know that the Furr’s approved everything he did, which was proven in court, and were in a position to do so because they were the board of 28 years. Where were you when we all worked like dogs to keep this going? You could have settled this many times, instead Willis is accused by Weber of breaking settlements. Maybe you do not know this either, but we paid under the settlement until you broke it. You must have approved this, have you got some minutes perhaps so that people can see for themselves what your reasons were?

In l985, when Jean Farrel died, the IHR was down and out. Willis raised the money from Liberty Lobby to fight for the bequest on 3 continents, 5 countries and 13 lawyers. Now you say, he had no right to direct the distribution of it? You did perhaps? And why should Liberty Lobby not receive a large chunk of money, they paid for the recovery or it would not have been collected at all. You ignore all of this, of course. Willis has never drawn a salary from LL or any organization he built and controlled, including the IHR which he founded also.

The bottom line is, you helped destroy a beautiful, effective organization. Willis Carto built and you destroyed, there is a great difference in character. You don’t have guts, Harvey, or you would done the right thing and never let this get out of hand as you have done and are responsible for. Our old friend Otto Burgdorf would turn in his grave could he have witnessed you in action or should I say in inaction now. Think of all the retired people who lost their SPOTLIGHT subscription because of your actions. Otto was a good friend to us, we could not survive without the retired men and women willing to give to support our causes, not many ever making the kind of money you did.

The IHR received at least $900,000. from the Farrel bequest, through Willis Carto, in l991 and 1992, why did you kill this off? Did you think you could do a better job than Willis? This was an on-going process. Stealing an organization that a man had built over 28 years was not a nice thing to do, Harvey. Nobody wanted the IHR in l984 when it was burned down, or ever afterwards until money showed it’s ugly head, then Carto had to go, forcibly at gun point so that you could get hold of the money. This is a truly sickening fact, that the IHR would be well and alive today had it not been for the greed of little men. This includes the whole lot of you, without any exceptions.

When you look back on your life, reflect and balance the good you could have done with the evil that you did. I feel sorry for your wife!

Sadley, Elisabeth Carto

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