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From: Elisabeth Carto
To: Adelaide Institute
Subject: ihr

July 30, 2002

Dear Fredrick;

Just the same old drivel out of Weber. First, let me just address one issue, that the Cartos are embezzlers. The bankruptcy Judge Hargrove, at Weber’s attorney’s request, signed a court paper when we failed to sign off on one item of our settlement with IHR in July 1999. We, as well as Raven, failed to sign on one line, totally unimportant. It was not done because our attorney, Brian Urtnowski, failed to inform us of Sampson’s (Weber’s attorney) insisting on this in late l999. He did not attend a hearing in front of Judge Hargrove, he had no notice of it. Hargrove then signed off on Sampsons request, noting that our attorney was present. This of course was not the case, Sampson wrote that wording and the judge signed it, this is common in courts . When we became aware of this 2 months later, Brian Urtnowski went back to judge Hargrove, and with Sampson agreeing to this, the judge stipulated (corrected )the ruling that had been made earlier, taking out the embezzlement portion. Weber and Raven are using this still today to smear us with . No fraud or embezzlement were ever committed by the Cartos .

Weber, in a 1994 deposition, clearly states that the IHR did not dispute Willis Carto’s rights to have distributed the Farrel bequest but now he and the new board want to have it. Of course, by that time the money was long gone and spent, all proven in court. In 1996 Maino refused their request for punitive damages because no fraud was involved. He saw their mountains of paperwork of course, he was not convinced that a crime had been committed. If Maino had for one moment thought that fraud was committed he would have charged us with it. He simply said to give it back.

In fall of 2000 Weber and his attorneys went back to judge Maino, claiming that we had not paid on the settlement made, that of l999, and that it should be thrown out. Liberty Lobby went back to Maino with the canceled checks, proving that more than $600,000. had been paid. Maino then threw out the settlement anyway, not for non-payment but because LL had filed a totally unrelated lawsuit against the Legion. With other words, they counted on Maino to once again do his job on us and he did.

The second settlement we are supposed to have broken was not signed off as Weber stated. It was a tentative settlement in mediation in front of a volunteer judge. They wanted close to $3, 000 000 now, upping the ante from the l999 settlement of $1,200.000. Willis initialed it with the clear provision that this was not final until the Board of Directors of Liberty Lobby approved it. The board turned it down because they felt it would enslave everyone contributing money to LL, subscribers, donors, book buyers, and that this kind of money could not be raised. Therefore no 2nd settlement was signed . Today they want $5,000 000. Since they killed off Liberty Lobby and pauperized us, even taking our home of 21 years, who do they think can pay this? They can ask for $50,000 000. it is all the same to us, no one has any money left. But now they are using the money received from Liberty Lobby and our house sale to pay their many attorneys to still get Carto. And Weber claimes real hardship paying their 5 attorneys. All this money comes from Liberty Lobby’s supporters without whom there could not have been a settlement to begin with. We as well as our supporters were grossly misled by Weber and gang, they have no intention of settling this and proved it by breaking the 1999 settlement only to ask for more money. Who is Weber working for?

Weber is the most incompetent of the lot and it should not left up to him to make these kind of decision. In all their legal cases, Greg Raven has been authorized to speak for the board of directors without holding any position either as director or officer. The same thing that Weber writes Willis Carto did. Willis even had the audacity to put people on the board before l993, imagine that, he only paid the debt of the Legion in 1966 to take it on and develop into something worthwhile. If you have built an organization, as he had, for 28 years, why would you not choose people to go on the board? All nominations were always approved by Mr. and Mrs. Furr, members and officers for 28 years also. No one ever got paid for their services, not one nickel.

Weber stole the organization from the Furrs and Willis Carto plain and simple. He told one man, Tom Kerr, that he was the only director left and brought prepared minutes to Tom Kerr to make his gang directors, in September 1993. Tom Kerr wanted to rescind this when he realized that there were 5 other board members who had not been informed of this, but Judge Polis ruled that the Legion should decide who the members were since Willis Carto had no authority to place anyone on the board. If this were legally sound then Tom Kerr’s action in placing Weber’s gang on the board could not stand either since he too was put on the board by Willis Carto. Weber is using the justice system to make his case, we all know who controls the system.

The big question remains: Why do the courts rule for Weber and not for Liberty Lobby and Willis Carto? Because Willis Carto builds and constructs, fighting the establishement for 50 years and they know who the enemy is. It is certainly not Weber, he couldn’t even write a book in the 10 years he was paid to write one. He never had a real job until Willis Carto gave him one in l992. Jean Farrel would turn in her grave if she knew that Weber and his ilk are in control now and yes, they still want her money. In Maino’s court Weber’s attorney made me read a letter that Jean Farrel had sent to Willis, mentioning in unflattering terms the control that Jews have in Switzerland. This was strictly done so that Maino would catch on that Jean was anti-semitic but that Weber does not think that way. And yet, they shamelessly are after her money even now, 17 years after she died! They dragged her name through the courts ever since. Many more disparaging remarks were made about her. It boggles the mind. Weber is truly a sick individual, he cannot be measured by normal standards nor Raven for matter either. If one could assemble the nasty things Weber and his gang have printed about everyone who ever read the SPOTLIGHT, one would need a year to put it together. From calling it a rag to making fun of the age of our supporters, it is all out there. Yet this man still takes advantage of the goodwill of patriots!

Whether or not Maino believed Willis in l996 is not important now, he stated that I tried to tell the truth but that I was blinded by loyalty and love to my husband, implying that I did not see things clearly. I testified to the same facts as Willis did, if I did not lie then why did Maino not believe Willis? I believe if Jesus Christ himself had spoken for us, Maino would have pretended to disbelieve. The deed was to be done, get Carto out and his organizations will all collapse. Who’s job was Maino doing? Certainly Weber’s and his handler’s bidding was done and those of his pathetic board of directors who got there in the first place with lies and faked minutes of board meetings. The record of Weber’s misdeeds is miles long. And it is all about money and greed and corruption.

Neither Willis nor I had reason to lie under oath, it is a dangerous thing to do and we have no need to lie. We have done nothing wrong, and it is hard to remember lies which Weber should know because he told different stories many times in court on the same subject. In one case he only could answer 40% of the questions, 60% he could not answer because he did not recall. This from a so-called historian who is expected to have good recall. This was within two months after our house was raided in l995 because of Weber’s lies to the police. He could not remember what he did or how he did anything to get almost 100 cops with helicopters, sharpshooters, Ninja-types all in black with blackened faces and lots of guns to our home.

This was coordinated with the help of the ADL in San Diego county and it’s sleeper in the Sheriff’s department, Tim Caroll . Why does the ADL help Weber? That they did is proven by the raid . Tim Carrol under oath stated that he worked for the ADL in his spare time, accepting trips to Israel and other perks. He was implicated in the ADL case in San Francisco also and had connections to one Bullock who had got into trouble because he spied for the ADL. Carroll ran the raid from his job in San Diego. He retired 10 days after the raid on our house. The Costa Mesa detective who conducted the raid from Orange County was fired within two weeks of the raid. This all came out in the court of Judge Shaw, the municipal court in Orange County Calif. Judge Shaw should have thrown the book at Weber for perjury. She was later taken out of the judicial system for incompetence and bias towards certain people. Not in our case, of course.

As an aside, when the San Francisco police had arrested Bullock, Willis Carto told Weber to put a short notice of that event into the Journal of Historical Review. Weber fought him hand and foot, he did not want to menion Bullock at all. Why?

The summarize: Yes, Willis Carto/Liberty Lobby paid $1,000,000. plus fighting for the Farrell bequest over 5 years on 3 continents, 5 countries and 13 attorneys. He was able to collect a portion of the bequest and it was distributed by l992. The record shows were it went, not to his personal use as Weber states misleadingly, but to many organizations including IHR that Willis Carto had built and nurtured and yes, controlled for over 40 years in the patriotic movement. What is wrong with that? The money was spent on good causes, everyone should be happy. It made things easier for all of our supporters who were many times called upon to donate. We did not have to do that anymore then, great things were being accomplished with the money. What has Weber ever done? Destroy everything in his path.

If they really want to bring this to an end, let us gather a group of patriots, businessmen perhaps, who read the bottom line and understand it. Maybe then a realistic settlement could be reached. But as sure as I write this, Weber and Raven will not have it. Then they would have to produce again and show that IHR has survived their stewardship which it has not. They would have to prove what they did with the money received from the settlement of over $1,000,000 and our house.

If anyone out there has any constructive ideas to settle this, let’s hear from them. We have been willing to do so from October 1993 onward and have the papers to prove it. None of this was brought on by us but by Weber’s moral corruption. He blames his victims for his misdeeds, proving in his own words his moral handicap and psychological problems.

I have no interest in exchanging words with Weber or answering his truth. If anyone has questions they should contact me via my e-mail.

Thank you.

Elisabeth Carto

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