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More lies from American Free Press — October 1, 2001

Bin Laden’s ‘Freedom Fighters’ Funded, Trained, Armed by CIA

  • If Osama bin Laden is responsible for the tragic terrorist acts of Sept. 11, it’s worth remembering who helped train and arm him in the first place.

Exclusive To American Free Press
By Gregory Douglas

Osama bin Laden, a former Saudi citizen, heads a large group of men who are dedicated to terrorism as an answer to their social and economic problems.

There is a very serious question as to why groups of militant Muslims would have the motivation to attack the United States and another important question deals with their origins.

Although the mainline American media does not wish to address it for reasons that should be obvious, there is no doubt whatsoever in the minds of many in the American intelligence and political communities that growing Arab hatred for the United States stems with this country’s official support of Israel, the genocidal bombing of Iraq and the U.S. military presence in Saudi Arabia.

Israel has an enormous and growing reservoir of weapons of destruction supplied by the U.S. government.

According to sources, the Israeli military is able to obtain weapons from the Pentagon that are forbidden to other nations. If the desired weapons are not forthcoming, the Israeli government simply alerts its very powerful lobby in Washington and the weapons are promptly delivered.

The Palestinians, however, do not have such weapons or lobby and are reduced to attacking invading tanks with AK-47s, rocks and their hands. Their growing frustration has bred an immense sense of anger at America whom they see as supporting their oppression and death at the hands of their bitterest enemies.

But today’s savage and motivated Arab terrorists would be nothing if not for the training, support and the weapons supplied by the Central Intelligence Agency.

Osama bin Laden was recruited by the CIA to fight the Soviet occupation troops in Afghanistan. The budding guerrilla leader was trained and supplied by American taxpayers’ dollars.

The Taliban is an extremely conservative Muslim movement stemming from the mujahideen, Arab freedom fighters who brutally fought Soviet incursions into their mountainous homeland.

One of the key players in the bin Laden/Taliban movement is a reclusive millionaire real estate developer, Andrew Evered Allen.

Allen, 49, of the rich suburb of Belevedere-Tiburon, Calif., has acknowledged in recently-surfaced court documents that he was instrumental in the shipping of supplies to the Afghans via Pakistan and the training and support of some of the present rulers of Afghanistan.

Allen’s court deposition also reveals that elements of the U.S. intelligence community are actively attempting to overthrow the government of Myanmar, or Burma. The military junta, which has ruled the former British colony since 1988, is offensive to the extreme liberal element in the CIA and its overthrow by CIA-sponsored leftists has been planned by Allen and his people.

In his depositions, Allen admitted to his work with certain dissident elements in attempting to foment revolt in Myanmar. He has entertained top rebel leaders in his California home and has set up a front organization, the Burma Foundation, as a cover for his activities.

We have seen the damage that Allen and his cohorts have created in Afghanistan. When the Soviet military withdrew, leaving a devastated country behind, the CIA dropped its erstwhile allies and left the mujahideen well-armed but the people in desperate poverty.


Allen also played a central if secret role in the conspiracy, takeover and emasculation of the once-spirited and globally influential Institute for Historical Review (IHR) and the subsequent successful destruction of the populist weekly newspaper, The Spotlight.

It now turns out that Allen’s role in the conspiracy began well before the actual IHR takeover in October 1993.

Allen, who portrays himself to his genteel and rich neighbors as a liberal Republican, a philanthropist and a bleeding heart humanitarian seems to be some sort of a Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde type.

On the one hand, while portraying himself as a multiracialist and lover of humanity, Allen, a longtime CIA asset, has embellished his reputation in some quarters as a racist by funnelling cash to Tom Metzger, who is considered by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and experts like Morris Dees to be the most extreme anti-Semite and racist in the country.

After directing the takeover of the IHR, and supplying funds for the job, Allen was gratefully elected to the board of directors by Mark Weber and his fellow conspirators.

Since then, Allen has bragged that he started the takeover of the IHR.

Prior to the actual coup, Weber and his co-conspirators Greg Raven and Ted O’Keefe boasted that they had been entertained in Allen’s mansion and plotted their conspiracy under his guidance. They were confident that they had the covert backing of a faction inside the CIA. Whether they knew it was the Mossad-allied faction is the only question that remains unanswered.

Weber and his confederates still officially deny that Allen is a CIA asset, but Weber’s statements are seldom believed by anyone anymore.

Mr. Douglas is the author of the Gestapo Chief series.