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More lies from American Free Press — October 1, 2001

Patriot Activist Plans Class Action Lawsuit to Recoup Lost Subscription Money

  • A former Spotlight subscriber is spearheading a law suit to recoup lost subscription money after a judge forced the populist newspaper to stop publishing its unique brand of news-in clear violation of the First Amendment.

By American Free Press Staff

Former Spotlight subscriber, Jim Floyd, has decided to take the lead in a class action suit to recover his subscription money and the money of former subscribers.

American Free Press has received many dozens of calls from former Spotlight subscribers inquiring how they can recover their losses.

Unfortunately, AFP can do nothing. District of Columbia Judge S. Martin Teel and California Judge Runston G. Maino closed Liberty Lobby and killed its weekly newspaper, The Spotlight. In effect, Teel confiscated over two million dollars in unexpired subscription money.

Judges cannot be effectively sued, no matter how egregious their actions may be because the law grants them absolute immunity.

Thus, Floyd intends to sue the lawyers and their clients who are responsible for closing down The Spotlight and not refunding the amount of their unfulfilled subscriptions.

Former subscribers of The Spotlight who would like to join Floyd in this action to recover their lost money may write to him at 185 County Rd. No. 254, Cullman, AL 35057.