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More Lies from American Free Press — December 1, 2001

Defamation Suit Filed by Populist Publisher

  • Slandered, vilified populist may soon get his day in court.
Exclusive to American Free Press
By Michael Collins Piper


A defamation libel and slander suit for total damages of $35 million was filed on Nov. 20 against Mark Weber, Greg Raven and their accomplices.

Weber and Raven are two of the conspirators who took over the Institute for Historical Review at gunpoint on Oct. 15, 1993. The IHR was an historical research and educational organization.

The purpose of the takeover was to gain control of and to split up a sizable estate left in the care of the founder of the IHR, Willis A. Carto.

Miss Jean Farrel had left the money for patriotic purposes and asked Carto to oversee its use. Although Carto used most of it to support a radio broadcasting venture, much of it went to public, nonprofit patriotic groups, including, ironically, the IHR before its takeover. In fact, the IHR received over $900,000.


In the past few years, Weber and Raven have stated on the Internet and elsewhere that Carto embezzled the Farrel money. This is known to be a lie by the two conspirators.

Embezzlement is a crime. Runston G. Maino, a California judge who has displayed active hostility toward Carto and populist causes, was asked to find embezzlement but he specifically ruled against that, even though he found that Carto should have enriched Weber, Raven and their fellow plotters with the money instead of using it for populist and patriotic causes.

The lawsuit is filed in Texas, the state where the IHR is domiciled. The attorney for Carto is Howard Singleton of Houston.