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A Muslim-bashing hatefest in the Washington, DC area over the Feb 22 weekend brought some strange critters out of their holes.

Had you walked into Jared Tayor’s recent American Renaissance conference, you might have thought you were at a pro-Israel rally: the anti-Muslim rhetoric was that pervasive.

Taylor’s self-styled uptown approach echoes the ongoing Israeli propaganda theme that the Islamic religion is the root of the September 11 tragedy — not the pro-Israel US Middle East policy.

One lad who attended the meeting — young Bill White — described Taylor’s meeting at his overthrow.com web site. While finding the event interesting, White says what disturbed him the most was the decided anti-Black and anti- Muslim tilt of the conference.

The entire focus says White, was on Islam and blacks and how threatening they are, with nary a word about Jews and their influence in politics. All of the speaker either didn't address the Zionist Israeli issue, or did so in philo-Semitic, flattering, untrue and ridiculous terms.

Every speaker at Taylor’s conference except one — Glenn Spencer of AmericanPatrol (see americanpatrol.com) — was anti-black and anti-Muslim. Spencer’s speech, which White said was excellent and impressive, discussed the invasion of the southwestern United States by masses of Mexicans.

Although suggested that another speaker, Nick Griffin of the British Nationalist Party, had gotten bad advice from Taylor’s pro-Israel cronies, who advocated attacking Islam instead of attacking Zionism, White praised Griffin for talking about globalization and capitalism and the working class.

White said Taylor — a former international banker — made two revealing remarks. Attacking Pat Buchanan’s economic populism and nationalism and opposition to the New World Order, Taylor said, in White’s words, that the corporate globalist syste of central banking were not exploitative of the workers and did not tend to centralize monetary wealth.

Taylor’s remarks about the Federal Reserve, comments White, are self-evidentally ridiculous, and [show] either a bourgeois ethics of a real dishonesty.

Although many Americans rejct being forced to pay reparations for slavery, White noted that Taylor’s associate, Michael Levin, when confronted, was unable to address the real force behind reparations. White says:

I think the whole idea that there is a possibility that the US would pay reparations for slavery had been invited by non-black elements who manufacture and fund black political causes, as a distraction to keep Americans from addressing real racial issues, and to make sure that black-white racial tensions never subsist, so that blacks and whites don't start asking questions abot that other cultural construct that is leading us by the nose into globalization and war.

[LSN Note: They obviously didn't see the corrected version, which has invented instead of invited and subside instead of subsist.]

White’s assessment of Taylor approach is quite pointed and many would agree with White’s conclusions:

“I think black-bashing and Muslim-bashing is a counterproductive waste of time that offers little to white working people,or any owrking people, as it is clear that blacks in America do not have any independent political organizations that represent black interests [Except the Nation of Islam — Ed] and that Muslims play a negligible role in American popular consciousness.

I think it would be much more productive to reach out to black workers with the promises of liberty and economic independence that appeal to white workers, with theprospects of them building real autonomous communities that they control, rather than it is to bash them as low-IQ criminals who can never be assimilated (rather than recognizing that low-IQs, criminality, and the like are the results of living immersed in a particular culture of hatred, fear and ignorance which is manufactured by the owners of the mass media for consumption by blacks).

Cheering on the heavy-handed Muslim bashing was Taylor’s close associate, Mark Weber, front man in the destruction of the Spotlight. Weber’s anti-Muslim views will surprise many Muslim Revisionists.

Not known for either his consistency or his honesty, Weber came in from California fresh from writing a begging letter to what remains of the supporters of the sabotaged Institute for Historical Review, pleading for money to fight Israeli war crimes and brutality and Jewish-Zionist power.


We’re In American Free Press And Didn’t Notice it Until Today

3/15/02 1:51:53 PM

Commentary — [Bill’s note: Some folk e-mailed me today and if I'd seen the latest issue of American Free Press. Despite the fact that I did run an article from it the other day, I had not read this article that quotes me extensively until right now, and knew nothing of its publication beforehand. Though they are free to quote me, I do not personally have a side in Carto and company’s personal disputes with Weber and company. Gonzalo Baeza, who is an American Free Press writer, did attend, and did sit next to me the whole time, but I doubt he had anything to do with the article, since he is in Chile and Michael Collins Piper is located here in DC. I also don't think he would have published this without letting me know.

Also note that I know that Mark Weber has ties with many Muslim countries and groups, if not their communities in the United States, and I did not notice him particularly cheering on Muslim bashing at the conference. Here is the text for all of your benefits:]

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