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More Lies from The SPOTLIGHT — October 29, 1996

Carto-inspired 'Testimony of Dwight B. McMahon'

In his efforts to discredit the IHR staff in so-called Incorporators lawsuit he brought in Texas, Carto’s attorneys produced this fantastic document in an attempt to discredit one-time board member Friedrich Berg by linking him with secret plots involving the Church of Scientology. Carto’s ploy failed however, as the court rejected this testimony as an insult to the court.

Testimony of Dwight B. McMahon

The following are the events of one night in March or April of 1993.

I received a flyer in the mail with a 201 area code phone number on it inviting me to a speech given by Jerome Brentar about the John Demjanjuk and Frank Walus cases in Europe and the USA.

On calling the phone number I was informed that the meeting was organized by the Church of Scientology and that my presence was requested as a guest. I accepted the offer and was met at the Elizabeth, New Jersey train station.

I was taken by car to a country club outside of Union, New Jersey where the meeting was held.

Present were Matthew Peter Balic, Friedrich P. Berg, myself and about 40 to 60 others.

After the conference was over, I was asked if I still belonged to the Institute for Historical Review. (as a Journal subscriber)

I told my host that I did not belong anymore as my subscription had lapsed due to non-payment.

They thought that I still was a subscriber so they had invited me in error.

I asked Matthew Peter Balic about his American First group and he told me that he was an officer of Scientology in reality and that the group was a front for Scientology. He tried to offer me recruitment which I later quietly declined in private.

I was led up the stairs by a participant after I had been told that there was a conspiracy in motion to seize the IHR.

My escort informed me that I was under a sentence of death but he would make it quick and sudden.

I countered by asking to hear the charge and demanding a small trial. My escort consented.

Friederich P. Berg was appointed to prosecute me and I was my own defense lawyer.

I was accused of being an agent and an absolutely loyal lap dog of Willis Carto due to my status as a Liberty Lobby Board of Policy member.

I showed them the back of my Liberty Lobby membership card and proved they were talking nonsense. I said I was an independent nationalist and had (at that point in time) never met Mr. Carto.

I was made to promise not to reveal the conspiracy to seize the IHR. Mr. Berg told me no one would believe me anyway.

I was warned my existence would be in jeopardy if I tried to visit Liberty Lobby and spill the tale of the takeover.

They relented and let me go home. I was driven to Elizabeth, New Jersey and got a train to Trenton.

I swear the above is true. Signed in Trenton this 29th day of October, 1996.

Dwight B. McMahon
P.O. Box 512
Trenton, New Jersey 08603

[notary stamp]

Sworn and subscribed before me, Notary Public of the State of New Jersey this 29th day of Oct 1996.

Joan S. Fischer
Notary Public of New Jersey
My Commission Expires July 15, 1997


Transcription note: Membership crossed out and subscription scrawled in.

Transcription note: Member crossed out and subscriber scrawled in.


It’s difficult to know where to begin with this document, but perhaps it is so self evidently demented that no comment is needed.

Still, it is interesting to note that, according to Jerome Brentar, he made no presentations in early 1993 to any group anywhere near Union, Trenton, Elizabeth, etc. Furthermore, he has never made a presentation at the behest of or in conjunction with the Church of Scientology. It is doubtful that the Church cares one whit about John Demjanjuk and/or Frank Walus.

Neither Friedrich Berg nor Matthew Balic is or ever has been a Scientologist. Not much is known about Balic, except that Carto has a burr under his saddle blanket where Balic is concerned, so Balic’s name comes up every once in awhile in one of Carto’s screeds, as a member of one vast conspiracy or another. He is not on the mailing list of the IHR, has virtually no contact with the IHR (or the IHR with him), and in no way has ever had anything to do with anything substantive regarding the IHR. In Carto’s mind, of course, this lack of demonstrable evidence of linkage between Balic and the IHR only goes to show how secret and clever the conspiracy is, to hide the connection and then lie about it when questioned!

Finally, it is interesting to note that Carto published some of this testimony in his weekly tabloid, The Spotlight, but not all of it, and failed to note where portions had been omitted. Could it be that even though Carto puts forth this document as proof that Berg was working for the Jews (as he told one supporter on the phone recently), there are sections that he admits are less plausible than others?