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More Lies from The SPOTLIGHT — October 5, 1998

Declaration of Jim Floyd

I, Jim Floyd, declare:

1. I make this declaration based on my own personal knowledge and, if called to testify thereto, could and would competently do so.

2. In or about late June or early July 1998, Mr. Bob Countess, Director of the Legion for the Survival of Freedom, dropped by my home in Alabama. During our meeting, Mr. Countess told me that we (He used the pronoun we.) had retained a new attorney to collect the multi-million dollar judgment entered by the San Diego Superior Court in the case entitled Legion for the Survival of Freedom v. Willis Carto. Mr. Countess told me that the new lawyer was located in California and was a Mossad agent. Mr. Countess also advised me that the new lawyer would not get paid unless he collects money. Mr. Countess advised me that the new lawyer would receive 70 percent of what was collected.

I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed this 22nd day of September, 1998, at Cullman, Alabama.

[signed] Jim Floyd

This declaration appeared in Willis Carto’s weekly tabloid, The Spotlight, on or around October 5, 1998, in a section dated September 24, 1998. As it appears in print, it is unattributed, but we have since learned the identity of the declarant. The appearance in print of this type of wild accusation shows once again that Carto will believe — or at least publish — anything he thinks will destroy his opponents.

First, the LSF/IHR has no attorneys even remotely connected to the Mossad, let alone an attorney who is a Mossad agent.

Second, the LSF/IHR has no attorney working for it who stands to make anywhere near 70 percent of the money collected.