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From The SPOTLIGHT, March 22, 1999, p 22-3 — The Update is dated March 11

IHR UPDATE is a temporary and irregular feature for SPOTLIGHT readers interested in facts surrounding the on-going controversy resulting from the bizarre takeover of the Institute for Historical Review.

Only the politically naive reject the facts pointing toward behind-the-scenes conspiratorial involvement in the events that led to the destruction of the California-based Institute for Historical Review (IHR) and the subsequent effort to destroy The SPOTLIGHT. There is no question that Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, played the primary behind-the-scenes role in the IHR affair.

IHR Update can now state conclusively that the primary Mossad operative behind the IHR upheaval was a high-priced Los Angeles attorney, Lawrence Heller.

Until recently, Heller was best known as the attorney who, in 1991, unsuccessfully represented self-styled Holocaust survivor Mel Mermelstein in the final stages of Mermelstein’s decade-long quest to eviscerate the IHR and Liberty Lobby. IHR Update has determined that Heller had other, more interesting behind-the-scenes connections.

Five years before Heller publicly surfaced as Mermelstein’s attorney, it turns out that Heller was part of a small clique that secretly grabbed control of the Church of Scientology upon the disappearance of church founder L Ron Hubbard.

Unknown to even many devout Scientologists, Heller and his clique control a shadowy body known as the Church of Spiritual Technology which has a lock on the church’s vast worldwide financial assets.

As IHR Update noted in a detailed special report on Oct. 26, 1998, upon Hubbard’s disappearance (and reported death in 1986) coupled with the overview of Hubbard’s widow as the leading figure within the church, Scientology fell victim to a coup d’etat orchestrated by outside forces with an interest in gaining control of Scientology, its vast wealth and its wide-ranging global power network.

Former high-ranking American diplomat Stephen Koczak (who had been stationed in Israel) told The SPOTLIGHT in 1994 that, according to his sources, it was the Mossad, in conjunction with elements of the CIA, that had seized control of Scientology. Thus, Heller and his group were fronting for the Mossad in the takeover of Scientology. David Miscavige was set up to take the place of L. Ron Hubbard who founded the cult.

The Scientology link to the IHR conspiracy revealed itself on Oct. 1, 1993. On that date, two things happened:

  1. First, under the political influence of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL of B’nai B’rith, itself an arm of Israel’s Mossad), the Internal Revenue Service finally granted a highly lucrative tax exemption to the Church of Scientology; This was something that the IRS had refused to do for over 30 years, particularly when Scientology was under the independent control of church founder L. Ron Hubbard.
  2. On the same date, in accordance with a conspiratorial agreement with the ADL/Mossad, longtime Scientologist Tom Marcellus unveiled the secret year-long conspiracy to take over the IHR. Marcellus, the trusted veteran IHR staff director, sent a letter to IHR founder Willis Carto telling Carto that his relationship with the IHR had been terminated.

This was the first time that Carto learned of the conspiracy. It wasn’t until numerous discoveries were made that the theretofore secret role of Scientology was determined. And it was not until even much later that the full truth about Scientology being a controlled front for the Mossad was uncovered.

For those concerned with detail, it should perhaps be noted that the IRS commissioner who set in motion the groundwork for Scientology’s tax exemption was Fred Goldberg, a law partner of longtime ADL national chairman Kenneth Bialkin.

In fact, Goldberg fixed things for Scientology only one month after Scientology’s Mossad controller, attorney Lawrence Heller, was forced to surrender to the IHR and Liberty Lobby in the aforementioned Mermelstein case.

Having failed through very public means (the Mermelstein lawsuit) to destroy the IHR and Liberty Lobby, Scientology’s Mossad controllers decided, at that juncture, to utilize their secret weapon inside the IHR — Tom Marcellus. First and foremost among the insiders at the IHR who manipulated events that led to the coup were two members of the Church of Scientology: Marcellus and one Greg Raven.

Marcellus was an open Scientologist and was steadily moving up in the ranks in return for making major financial contributions to Scientology affiliates. In fact, Marcellus today maintains a web site on the Internet which focuses exclusively on his devotion to Scientology.

Raven, on the other hand, denies his association with Scientology although, quite recently, Raven was seen in attendance at a Scientology-sponsored function in Los Angeles.

The gun-toting Raven is a member of Scientology’s Guardian Office, which was disbanded by a federal judge in 1982 but continued under the name Division 20 or The Office of Special Services. This clandestine section of the huge Scientology organization has responsibility for cleaning up the rotten spots of society in order to create a safer and saner environment for Scientology expansion and for all mankind. Translated, that means that agents in Department 20 are assigned highly confidential tasks, and taking over other organizations or businesses is a long-standing strategy of Scientology.

Raven was deployed into IHR by Scientology’s Mossad controllers in late 1992. His mission was to organize the coup. Working in tandem with Marcellus, Raven began manipulating the two other IHR employees (Mark Weber and Theodore O’Keefe) who were utilized in the IHR take-over.

At this juncture, another player popped up. His name was Andrew Evered Allen, a resident of exclusive Tiburon, California (just outside San Francisco).

The scion of a wealthy family with reputed ties to the Levi Strauss garment empire, Allen had moved in the periphery of the IHR for some years, his most notable contribution being the financial backer of one David McCalden, who waged a longtime smear campaign against the IHR, using the research materials given him by a known CIA asset, Elliot Carter, and by his homosexual friend, Roy Bullock, a paid ADL spy. McCalden has since died of AIDS.

While living off his family’s wealth, Allen has also dabbled in intelligence intrigue, including running (Allen’s words) what Allen called supplies to the Mujahideen rebels in the Middle East — a CIA project that former Mossad case officer Victor Ostrovsky says was dominated by the Mossad.

Allen also had a hand in Far Eastern affairs in a sphere of direct interest to the Mossad: he operated the Burma Foundation which has played a part in the ongoing effort by the CIA and the Mossad to topple the nationalist military government of Burma (now known as Myanmar).

Portraying himself to IHR staff members Weber and O’Keefe as a loyal revisionist (his known record notwithstanding), Allen joined in the effort to subvert the IHR from within.

Along with Mossad asset Andrew Allen, Scientologists Marcellus and Raven convinced employees Weber and 0’Keefe — who became willing participants in the conspiracy — that they would become very wealthy and the de facto leaders of the worldwide revisionist movement by collaborating in the conspiracy to grab what they (wrongly) believed was a $40 or $80 million inheritance left by a relative of populist Thomas Edison.

O’Keefe, who ultimately left the IHR following a mental breakdown, appears to have been more of a foolish pawn than anything. Despite O’Keefe’s treachery, many revisionists still express sympathy for O’Keefe’s demise and say: The poor fellow was being used and he didn’t even know it.

The case of Weber is another matter altogether. While Weber (possibly) may not initially have known that the Mossad was ultimately the primary mover behind the IHR coup, Weber’s continuing involvement in prolonging the ongoing attack on Liberty Lobby demonstrates conclusively that Weber is definitely bought and paid for and a complete shill for his controllers.

(There does remain, however, the question of whether Weber himself has Mossad or CIA connections, dating to his days in Africa where Weber, ostensibly a racist, was teaching English at an all-black high school in Ghana, one of the Mossad’s major outposts in Africa.)

In any event, Weber continues to publicly front for the Mossad attack on Liberty Lobby which is being financed lock-stock-and-barrel by the deep pockets of the Church of Scientology (which, in turn, is controlled by Mossad asset Lawrence Heller and his associates.)

After The SPOTLIGHT and other news outlets exposed Scientology’s role in the IHR affair, David Miscavige ordered Marcellus to resign his post at the IHR in order to deflect attention from Scientology. Raven, however, remained in place and although Raven had no involvement in IHR affairs until a few months before the coup he directed, he is now president of IHR.

Raven’s sole purpose is to continue to perpetuate the IHR’s existence long enough to use the IHR’s lawsuit against Liberty Lobby to destroy the Washington-based populist Institution.

Although Mossad asset Andrew Allen (who says he is not a Mossad asset) has since officially withdrawn from the IHR’s affairs (his job having been accomplished) and Scientology front man Tom Marcellus has gone on to greener pastures, rising further in the ranks of his cult, the Mossad has two valuable assets in place: Scientologist Raven and his willing patsy, Mark Weber.