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More Lies from The SPOTLIGHT — April 26, 1999

IHR Update

April 15, 1999

IHR UPDATE is a temporary and irregular feature for SPOTLIGHT readers interested in facts surrounding the on-going controversy resulting from the bizarre takeover of the Institute for Historical Review.

On a lighter note — or should we say a biter note: The Bergen (New Jersey) Record reported on Feb. 17 that one of the conspirators in the take-over of the Institute for Historical Review I(HR) has been arrested for biting a Fort Lee, New Jersey, police sergeant. The biter was Freiderich P. (Fritz) Berg. The bitee was Sgt. Thomas Dalton.

Berg bit Dalton after police officers took Berg into custody following a verbal altercation over the issue of whether Berg’s dog should have been leashed. The free-running animal had nearly been run over by a car. When the police came to the animal’s rescue and informed Berg that he should keep his animal on a leash, Berg responded with an obscenity. One thing led to another and Berg bit Dalton on the hand.

The damage was so serious that the local hospital was unable to stitch up the wound. According to Dalton, they said I have tendon damage. I have to see a specialist.

Berg has been charged not only with aggravated assault on a police officer, but also with disorderly conduct, violating the borough’s leash ordinance and resisting arrest. However, Berg-now a certified police character — may have even more serious problems looming.

Berg, based in New Jersey, was appointed to serve on a rump board of directors for the IHR after the institute was illegally taken over from within by a group of disloyal employees who were manipulated by outside forces.

Although Berg resigned his phony seat on the board, new evidence has emerged that Berg may have been involved in financial shenanigans as the co-executor of the estate of a deceased patriot who hoped to leave a substantial portion of his legacy to Liberty Lobby. The patriot died in September of last year, but. it wasn’t until nearly seven months later Liberty Lobby learned of the patriot’s demise.

This suggests Berg and his collaborators may have been trying to loot the estate and prevent it from coming under the venue of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Washington, D.C., where Liberty Lobby is now attempting to reorganize under Chapter 11 of the federal bank­ruptcy statutes.

Acting as co-executor with Berg in the apparent deception relating to this estate was his close friend, Matthew Peter Balic. A longtime deep-cover operative for the Church of Scientology, Balic was also a major player in the HIR debacle. The controllers of Scientology deployed two Scientologists on the IHR staff (Tom Marcellus and Greg Raven), adding to the conspiracy to destroy the IHR. Balic provided tactical assistance.

As IHR, supporters now know, Scientology had already been a secret player in the 10-year-long effort by Holocaust survivor Mel Mermelstein to destroy the IHR. Mermelstein’s attorney was Lawrence Helier, who is apparently not a Scientologist, but who is one of the behind-the-scenes figures who took control of Scientology following the death of church founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Heller is said by former Scientologist Steven Fishman to be privy to the whereabouts of vast amounts of Scientology lucre that has been banked in the Bank Leumi of Tel Aviv and in the Bank Leu, an Israeli-controlled bank in Switzerland:

These revelations, plus many other details, have convinced insiders that Scientology itself was taken over by Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad, upon the death of church founder L. Ron Hubbard, and has functioned as a Mossad front ever since.

But you can bet that the Mossad never knew that Fritz Berg was going to bite a police officer.